Dungeon Crawl Classics

The Backstory


This campaign takes place one year after the last one ended. The Myrwych Forest region is close to the Vermilion Steppes. The heroes' home is a tiny swamp village called Gnatdamp. The swamp is also home to vicious serpent-men, and up the river a bit is the domain of the dragon called Hargn. Not too far away is the larger town of Cragsmere at the base of Mount Tyche. And a bit farther off is the large city of Rakewright, whose people worship death.

The area around Gnatdamp was warped during a 3 way wizard duel. The wizards all vanished, but the boundaries of reality have been weakened.

One of the wizards, Erodiade the Beautiful, protected Gnatdamp. Since she vanished, a warrior called Ariminian the Bold had taken the mantle of protector. But he lost his right arm in a battle with Hargn, the river dragon, and now Gnatdamp is in need of new defenders!

This campaign involves a few patrons and deities not in the DCC RPG rulebook. Feel free to ask me for more details about them. They are:


The Horned King
Serbok the Slithering Shadow - Patron of the serpent-men
Vanden Danderclanden - Supernal Archmage of Empyreal Aptitude
Ith-Narmant - Lord of Shadows


Loptir, Lord of Flames
- God of Fire
Death - God of Death. His concubine: Eris
Mani - Goddess of the moon, daughter of death
Justicia, Goddess of Justice - Justicia is a lawful goddess of merciful justice. Her followers are those who defend the common good. She appears as a statuesque knight with long dark hair, holding the scales of justice in one hand and a gilded longsword in the other.

This game is part of the DCC Road Crew program. This means it has to be run in a game store, and that we are qualified to receive special adventures to play that are not available anywhere else. We also may receive some kewl swag.

I know it is now 2014. It took me a while to assemble my crack team of players.

1. Sailors on the Starless Sea

2/17/14: I finally wrangled up some Encounters people to play some DCC RPG!

Truskan - Tax Collector
Quarty - Noble
Citon - Trapper
Deserin - Dwarven Stone Mason

Titus - Halfling Chicken Butcher
Iago - Urchin
Catherine - Potato Farmer
Robin - Halfling Trader

Gaston - Outlaw
Garnrock - Soldier
Durock - Hunter
Sam - Halfling Haberdasher

The small, dank swamp town of Gnatdamp was full of scarred and scabby villagers. Most of them were hiding from the authorities in the nearby city of Rakewright for one reason or another.

Gnatdamp had been protected by a beautiful sorceress named Erodiade, until she vanished during a three way spell duel two years ago. Since that time, the town was protected by a warrior named Arminian the Bold. But just a few weeks ago, he lost an arm to Hargn, the River dragon.

The town was in need of new protectors. Villagers were being abducted by creatures that allegedly were coming from Erodiade's old fortress not far to the east. Twelve brave citizens volunteered to go investigate. They met with prominent members of the town to seal the deal:

Marsh-Hand Phaid Torngrasp - the Ruler of Gnatdamp, devout follower of Loptir, god of flame. He had a magical flaming brand. Some whispered that he was a fallen paladin.
Arminian the Bold - In just a month he had developed a drinking problem and had gained considerable weight
Dorota of Charms - An elf healer who lived on the edge of town. She was once an apprentice to Erodiade. She told the heroes they might find a magic ring called the band of fire somewhere in the complex, and to explore every nook.

After agreeing to investigate the fortress, our courageous volunteers walked through the streets of Gnatdamp as the people cheered them on. A number of lovely ladies took notice of the town's prospective new heroes:

Etimori Lilac - The town drunk
Dwindara - A super-skinny woman covered in black tattoos, all celebrating the god Death and his daughter, Mani, Goddess of the Moon
Yorda - A nice looking gal who was unfortunately a bit smelly and had dandruff.

Two kids looked up to our heroes and wished them well:

Bleria - A really dumb little girl with a single tooth popping out of her bottom lip
Booger Neil - A boy who was constantly picking his nose

Bolstered by the town's support, our heroes made their way through the swamp to Erodiade's fortress. They were exceptionally cautious, and decided to approach the place by a crumbled western wall. After some prodding, they saw that clambering over the rubble would cause a collapse. Sam the halfling boldly climbed up alone and willingly triggered the collapse. Massive boulders tumbled everywhere and a huge cloud of dust kicked up. From their safe positions, the heroes were happy to see that the halfling had survived almost completely unscathed.

The collapse revealed a buried tomb. Our heroes again were very cautious, avoiding its' fire trap. The interior of the tomb was magically cold. In it was a frozen man holding an axe - dead on a slab. They decided to leave him be.

They entered the courtyard. They spotted a well, and heard a soft moan come from it. Citon the trapper lit his candle and cautiously peered in. Suddenly he was sucked in and was falling! Hellish souls swirled around him, calling out and tearing at him. A chain dangled nearby, bubbling and liquifying. Citon snatched it and frantically pulled himself up and out!

But the well of souls had corrupted him. He had grown donkey ears, and his body was covered in sores. He was shaken, but resolved to continue on.

The adventurers investigated a building in the courtyard which contained a demonic frog statue in a fountain of black liquid. There were a few skeletons and items scattered about. As the heroes began to loot, the black liquid came to life and slowly spread toward them! The heroes had found some incense, and lit it. This made the ooze docile. they looted the place of armor and weapons, and even the gems on the statue, and continued on.

In the eastern corner of the courtyard was a huge open pit with mist spewing from it. Iago and Robin went to check it out, one ready to dangle the other down on a chain. But as they set up on the edge, the ground beneath them crumbled! Both fell into the mist, never to be seen again.

The adventures checked out a tower. Inside were 4 hideous beastmen without mouths, wielding spears. Hanging in the tower were some of the missing villagers, impaled on hooks! Our heroes tore into the beastmen and slaughtered them.

The floor was covered in fur and blood. Some of the heroes began to search. Truskan the Tax collector sifted through the gore, and let out a shout. A rot grub had burrowed into his hand and was making its' way up his arm!

At the same time, a beastman jumped down from an above ledge! It had the head of a bull, and wore a silver torc adorned with bleached skulls. Each skull bore the symbol of chaos. The beastman roared and plunged his axe into the chest of Durock the Hunter, killing him!

The heroes shouted in surprise and tore into the champion while Truskan desperately tried to rid himself of the rot grub that was burrowing toward his heart. The heroes killed the beastman, and Sam the halfling impaled the rot grub with his scissors and pulled it out of Truskan's shoulder.

Garnrock the Soldier continued to stab at the dead beastman. It had killed his brother, Durock, before his eyes.

The heroes eventually composed themselves, and headed down a set of stairs, determined to take out the rest of the beastmen.

They found a secret room that had already been searched by some previous looters. There were three overturned chests. Truskan noticed one had a false bottom. He opened it, and triggered a scything blade trap that cut off his pinky and the finger next to it (he took 3 damage, and had 1 hit point remaining!).

They continued down the stairs and came upon a room with a long pool full of brackish water. the walls had mosaics of tentacles, cultists, a vast sea , two warriors holding a flail, and a golden pyramid. There were nooks with cultist robes - black, with red symbols of chaos. Some of the heroes took robes. Those who adhered to the tenets of law decided not to mess with them.

As the heroes approached the pool, a golden skull hovered up out of the water and pulsed with energy. Quarty boldly grabbed it. He felt the urge for vengeance surge through her. Catherine saw that the bottom of the pool was full of skulls. She threw caution to the wind and searched the pool. She found a ring in the bottom, a kind of drain lug. She smiled and turned it!

The water, the skulls and Catherine all got sucked down the drain! They poured out into a lower chamber. As luck would have it (through the spending of luck points, that is) Catherine survived! And in the muck she found the ring that Dorota spoke of - The Band of Fire!

The other adventurers caught up with her, and continued on...

They soon came to a stone beach of an underground sea. In the distance was a golden ziggurat. 50 feet off the shore was a longboat with a dragon head carved into its' prow. The clever heroes quickly realized they could summon it by lighting a candle on a nearby menhir. They climbed on the boat, which magically began to take them to the ziggurat.

About halfway across, black tentacles emerged from the water. Two tentacles wrapped around the ship. Other tentacles hovered menacingly. The heroes began to hack at the tentacles, but quickly realized they were outmatched. First they tried to consult the skull. Then they tried the incense. When the incense was lit, the tentacles bowed at their feet, slithered back into the water, and let the ship go.

They breathed a sigh of relief as the ship continued on. Soon they arrived at the ziggurat. They saw at the top was 20 beastmen, ushering their fellow villagers up toward an open pit. Some of the heroes donned the chaos robes, and had the rest pretend to be more prisoners.

They made their way up the ziggurat's ramp. The beastmen were none the wiser. The villagers were being tossed into the pit! A hideous effigy was thrown in as well, which emerged and came to life as a giant one-eyed abomination wearing spiked armor and wielding a flail. It was Molan the Chaos Lord!

Garnrock took the opportunity to shove some beastmen into the pit, and a fight broke out! The heroes tossed the incense into the pit, and hurled the skull at Molan! It struck and staggered the Chaos Lord.

Garnrock, still enraged over the death of his brother, plunged his blade into Molan (a critical, nearly slaying it). Deserin the dwarf finished off Molan with another swift blow as the Chaos Lord was staggered.

The place began to rumble. The ceiling was collapsing! A twisting column of energy erupted from the pit as the heroes looted Molan's melting remains.

The beastmen, in shock, screamed as rubble fell on them. They ran in all directions, their leader dead.

The heroes raced back to the boat. They were carried by a huge wave through a crumbling wall and miraculously were shunted up to the Izindol River. The beastmen were slain, and Gnatdamp had been saved


2. The Old God's Return

2/24/14: We got started a bit late after levelling up the heroes.. we didn't quite finish the adventure...

Catherine - Wizard
Citon - Donkey-eared Warrior
Garnrock - Warrior
Quarty - Wizard
Sam - Halfling
Titus - Halfling

The adventurers returned to Gnatdamp and were celebrated as saviors. The villagers planned a celebration to take place three days' hence. During that time, the heroes rested. The wizards met with Dorota of Charms and perused her spellbook, learning the ways of magic.

The little girl Bleria gave Citon a gift - a dead frog on a stick. He politely took it.

They were even congratulated by weird man from another dimension - Mitch Bailey. During the spell duel two years ago he was sucked here from his home of "New York" (circa 1986). His "walkman" cassette player had been super-charged during the dimensional shift. Its' power batteries never ran out, always able to play hits such as:

Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer
Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins
Venus by Bananarama

Mitch had black curly hair and a shirt and tie (also super-charged by the dimensional transfer). He got a look at Citon's donkey ears and sores and said: "Bag your face" and "Barf me out". This was slang from his weird home dimension, where remarkably their language matched this world's common tongue perfectly!

The town bard was slowly learning the songs on his lute and developing his own interpretations for the fascinated townsfolk.

A man from the nearby town of Cragsmere brought his child to see Dorota of charms. The child had a strange magical illness - his skin was black, his lips were blue, and he was comatose. Dorota began to work on a cure.

The three days passed. At night, a great bonfire was made, and the people of Gnatdamp ate, drank, and celebrated the heroes' great deeds. Catherine (with her party-high 13 personality) told the story with great skill (she rolled a 20).

Suddenly, cries rang out. Blue-skinned gnomes with white beards raced through the streets, trying to natch up the children! One was chasing little Booger Neil! Three of them raced toward the adventurers, knives in hand.

Sam the halfling raced over to save Booger Neil. Sam wielded a mace in one hand, scissors in the other. He stabbed the gnome-creature and then caved its' skull in.

Qwerty cast a fire spell that scorched the three other creatures. He noticed that the creatures seemed especially vulnerable to fire.

Amidst the chaos, the moon was eclipsed by a giant... floating... iceberg. Surely, that is where these creatures came from!

The creatures left Gantdamp. 6 villagers had died in the brief assault. A number of children had caught the same "illness" as the child from Cragsmere. Bleria, the little girl, was one of them!

Marsh-Hand Phaid Torngrasp asked the heroes to go to the iceberg and take care of it. He offered them a blessing of Loptir, Lord of Flames. The heroes were imbued with Sovereign Fire, gaining special fire powerrs.

The adventurers raced through the swamp under the cover of night. It was hovering 100 feet above the ground. The iceberg had a stairwell carved into the side that led to the top. At the base of the stairwell was a furled-up rope ladder. A blue gnome-man sat near it, half-asleep.

After some discussion, Sam used the Sovereign fire to turn himself into a human torch - a halfling made of fire that could fly, powered by Loptir's magic! Sam flew up there and got into a fight with the gnome-man. One his flame was extinguish, the creature plunged its' knife into his side, nearly killing him (He was down to one hit point!). His allies could only watch from the swamp far below.

Sam killed the creature and lowered the ladder. The heroes climbed up, and together the party climbed up the icy stairwell to the top of the iceberg.

The top was flat, and had a small stone building. From what the heroes could tell, there was a ziggurat buried in the ice of this iceberg.

Qwerty spotted three more of the blue creatures in the building. the adventures carefully maneuvered behind rubble and got the jump on the guards. With the aid of Catherine's Choking cloud spell, they made quick work of their enemies.

The interior of the building held pine trees, stairs leading down, and weird symbols on the wall. Qwerty studied the symbols, which shimmered and summoned a hideous creature - a humanoid made entirely of severed hands (And no, it was not called a "hand job, fyi)!

Catherine used her band of fire to launch four force axes which hacked the weird thing to pieces. Sam finished it off with his handaxe.

They descended the stairs, and came to a large room full of twisted humanoid trees which rustled slightly. After some quiet, tense discussion, Catherine took aim with her band of fire, and set three of the trees on fire (rolling a natural 20). The trees let out wrenching cries and pitiful wails as they turned to ash.

Sam and Garnrock both felt a dark pall come over their very souls (because they were Lawful, each of them lost 1 Luck point permanently due to the burning of the trees)... the heroes soon realized that these 20 trees held the souls of the sick children! They'd killed three of them! The adventurers, stunned, had a lot of different reactions (Catherine cackled, I believe).

Qwerty talked to a tree - It contained Bleria's soul! It spoke to him, and told him that a monster named Tjaptar was down here, and that Tjaptar's horns were some kind of "cage".

The adventurers headed into the next room - an ambush. Five of the blue gnomes hid, while a goat-demon with a chain roared and menaced the heroes. Before him was an ice-covered pit. The goat's intent was to shatter the ice when the heroes raced over to him.

Garnrock was too quick, though. He charged the goat and stabbed it. When the goat shattered the ice, he jumped to the side. The five gnome creatures joined the fray and the battle got very, very bloody. Sam was stabbed and fell in a pool of his own blood. The gnomes cut down Citon the warrior as well. They began heaving javelins at Catherine and Qwerty, who were frantically trying to cast protective spells.

It was a drawn out, brutal fight. the heroes barely survived (Sam had to burn a lot of luck to survive being rolled over!)

The creature called Tjaptar lurked further below. The adventures were hurt very badly. They would have to be clever and bold to have any chance of saving the remaining souls of the children...

3. Intrigue at the Court of Chaos

3/3/14: We finished The Old Gods and got far into Intrigue... awesome stuff....

Catherine - Wizard
Citon - Donkey-eared Warrior
Garnrock - Warrior
Quarty - Wizard
Sam - Halfling
Titus - Halfling

The adventurers had barely survived the ambush from the gnome-things and the goat-man. They rested for a moment, bandaging their wounds and quaffing the black lotus oil. The children's souls had been stolen, and the adventurers were going to fight to get them back or die trying.

They found some gold amongst sticks. They split it up, then descended down a set of stairs to the lowest level.

They came upon an icy room with a door, a frozen well, and and ice wall with a man frozen in it. The well had frozen, ancient fish in it. The heroes began to chop the ice wall to free the frozen ice man.

This triggered a magic ward, summoning an ice demon! It looked like a giant tick/preying mantis made of ice, and emerged from the icy well. Garnrock wreathed his flail in fire and shattered the demon with a single blow (a critical!).

The adventurers dug out the corpse. It had a weird amulet with hieroglyphs on it. They couldn't read the writing. Qwerty claimed it (and later brought it to Dorota later - the amulet had a command word. When spoken, it summoned black wings that granted the wearer feather fall once per day.)

They came to a hallway full of pine trees. Its' sap was poison! Citon was injured by the sap. The adventurers backed out and burned all of the trees down. Then they explored an adjacent empty room, before moving on to the final chamber.

The final room was full of pine trees. Beyond them was an altar, where a 15 foot tall rotting reindeer-headed forest spirit/god lurked. Its' antlers contained an aurora borealis effect which acted as a prison for the childrens' souls.

The heroes set fire to the trees and backed out into the hallway. A goat-man and a blue gnome caught fire and rushed the adventurers. Garnrock staggered the goat-man with a shot (another critical) and then Catherine took aim with her magic ring, the band of fire. She fired off three laser beams. Two sliced through the goat-man, the other burned through the gnome-thing's brain!

Then, from the burning trees came the fifteen foot tall reindeer god-thing! Katherine was stunned by its' majesty (yeah she was literally stunned for one round). The thing started casting ice spells! Shards of ice plunged into Titus the halfling. He fell in a pool of his own blood. Citon dumped a lotus oil in him while Qwerty cast force manipulation and created a hovering disk. Sam the halfling climbed on and flew up to the antlers.

The halfling got off a lucky shot, slicing clean through the antlers! The reindeer thing roared and exploded in a flash of light. The souls were free - and the iceberg began to rumble and fall apart!

Our heroes used their sovereign fire powers to become human torches. They flew out and down to the swamp, as the iceberg crumbled, melted, and became a gentle snowfall.

The adventurers made their way back to town, to find Bleria and the other kids healed of their supernatural illness. Once again, the people in Gnatdamp celebrated and congratulated the heroes.

The rested for a few weeks, healing up their many wounds (lost luck, and spellburned points). Mitch Bailey, the man from 1986, even loaned them his supernaturally charged walkman and let the heroes listen to such great songs like Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone".

During this down time, Both Katherine and Qwerty cast Find Familiar. Katherine's week-long casting went very poorly (yes she rolled a one and got a major corruption result). The magic went awry, and she was corrupted - poor Catherine began to supernaturally gain wait.. by the end of 30 days, she'd gain 36 pounds, and become slower and less agile.

Qwerty's casting went better. He called forth his familiar - a floating skull with glowing green eyes!

A week later, a weird puppetmaster came to town. The heroes gathered to watch his strange puppetshow - and found themselves transported somewhere else. The puppetmaster was in fact, the Tatterdaemalian - servant of The Court of Chaos!

The adventurers appeared on an island in a roiling red sea full of screaming faces. Before them were five 30 foot tall entities seated in massive thrones. They were the Host of Chaos, five incredibly powerful entities:

Noohl - A warrior with three arms and a cape of sewn human faces
Hekanhoda - A hunchback, cataract-ed, leprous spellcaster
Magog - A robed thing with bloody, bandaged hands, and whose face sprouted two trunks that ended in seven-fingered hands
Dzzhali - A maggoted corpse woman in a wedding dress with a noose around her neck
Klarvgorok - A giant eyeball with chicken legs

The Court of Chaos told the adventurers that they were to go to the Plane of Law to steal an artifact known as the Yolkless Egg. It was apparently a shard of primordial chaos. The chaos beings were unable to travel through the Plane of Law.

The heroes were sent to a chamber where they were given food and beds. When the heroes slept, they were approached in their dreams by the members of the court of chaos. Each one wanted a single hero to hand him or her the Yolkless Egg. The entities offered incredible artifacts for doing so.

Among other things, Dzzhali offered Katherine the Mask of Tears (an enchanted mask that granted +6 to AC and allowed the wearer to pass through solid barriers. Noohl offered Garnrock the Vortex Helm (which summoned a tornado of razors doing 4d6 damage to a 30 foot diameter area).

To make things even more complicated, a spy of the Scions of Law had infiltrated the court as a lowly maid/servant. Her name was Lexaliah. he has brass skin stained with soot, and dirty silver hair. She cornered the Lawful warrior Garnrock and told him that if he gave her the Yolkless Egg that the Scions of Law could return it to its' rightful place, and could reward the adventurers.

The adventurers were called back to the Court of Chaos. They accepted the quest. The servants of chaos gave each hero a chaos weapon - swords, staves and even scissors made of black matter and infused with veins of red. The chaos weapons were the only thing besides magic that could harm the entities in the Plane of Law. Lexaliah handed Garnrock his weapon, and gave him a meaningful look. She was depending on him and Sam to return the Yolkless Egg to the Scions of Law.

Armed with their chaos weapons, they were sent to the Plane of Law - a vast field of green under a bright sun. To get home, they'd have to pluck a single, rotted rose with a worm crawling through it.

In the distance, they saw the location where the Egg was held. It was a 500 foot tall floating diamond, called the cataphract. It was guarded by a 30 foot long ox called Taurziel.

The adventures approached the ox cautiously. It was old and tired. The ox had been bound to this place for hundreds of years, and was ready to move on. Katherine noticed rune on the back of its' horns which could send it home. She activated the runes with her mastery of arcana.

Taurziel was shocked and delighted. He thanked the heroes as he floated up on a sunbeam like a mote of dust. He urged them not to steal from the cataphract, and vanished.

A silvery stairwell of light appeared that led up to the inside of the Cataphract.

Inside was a room with five doors. Each door had a word written on it, in the Lawful language. Nobody could read it, so the heroes just opened random doors:

: The first door led to a realm where villagers were being attacked by a massive tentacle beast. A voice told the heroes they'd need to make a sacrifice to save the people. Garnrock and Sam, both Lawful, immediately offered their lives to save the people. As they were swallowed, the place dissolved and the heroes reappeared in the main hall.

: This door led to a room with a massive scale, guarded by four silver lions with golden manes. The law lions roared and immediately attacked the chaotic adventurers - Katherine and Qwerty. A lion tore into Katherine.

Titus and Sam clambered onto the scale. The scale would rise when a good deed was truthfully related. Sam was full of good deeds. He spoke of how he triggered the boulder collapse, how he'd helped kill Molan the Chaos Lord, and how he'd torn the rot grub from Qwerty's flesh.

The scale brought the halfling high up, where a blue key hovered. When he touched it, the adventurers re-appeared in the main room.

: There was a sparkly glob of primordial clay. A voice told the heroes to "embrace your inner divine spark and walk in the footsteps of the gods". Sam tasted it. It turned into a huge glob of ooze which attacked. The heroes "killed" it. The clay returned. Citon molded it into a man - a symbol of what the clay had created. The heroes had figured it out. They re-appeared in the main hall.

: This was a weird room with dancers and candles. Garnrock quickly figured out that the candles needed to be blown out.

: There was a vast pit that needed to be crossed, and 6 potions of different colors - tangerine, azure, gold, plum, crimson and emerald. The heroes began tasting them. Each had unfortunate effects.

Titus drank the plum one, and became melancholy (-2 to all rolls until he rolls a natural 20!).

Poor Citon, who already had donkey ears and a body covered in sores, drank two. Gold has caused him to "sweat" sunlight (giving enemies a +2 to hit him and a penalty to stealth checks). As if that wasn't bad enough, Citon drank the emerald potion. It caused him to grow to 12 feet tall! Unfortunately, his bones and muscles did not get greater density (he lost 1 point of Strength and agility!). His body was wracked with aches and pains.

Katherine suddenly realized that the potions needed to be drank in the order they appeared in a rainbow. She drank them all... and began crying rainbow tears. The tears grew in size and coagulated, forming a rainbow bridge across the gap.

The heroes crossed the bridge and exited the room.

They now could ascend a spiral staircase in the main hall to another room - the room that held the Yolkless Egg.

4. The Yokeless Egg

3/17/14: We added a new player and finished Intrigue at the Court of Chaos!

Katherine - Wizard
Citon - 12 Foot tall Donkey-eared Warrior who sweats sunlight
Faye - Warrior
Garnrock - Warrior
Quarty - Wizard
Sam - Halfling
Titus - Halfling

Our heroes were about to enter the room which held the yokeless egg. The Court of Chaos sent another mortal agent to aid them - She was Faye, a woman afflicted with amnesia! Armed with a chaotic longsword, she joined the adventurers as they entered the chamber.

The egg hovered above a pedestal on a room overlooking a sultry, starry void. The egg was guarded by lawful doubles of the heroes, each more physically perfect than their moral counterparts.

A battle erupted. Our heroes fared poorly! Qwerty was nearly killed twice. Once from a thrown axe, and another from a magic missile. Titus also went down.

The adventurers eventually realized that if they left the room, their lawful counterpart would vanish. Because Faye had arrived late, she had no lawful counterpart. So the heroes backed out of the room, leaving Faye alone to grab the egg. It was blue and twice the size of an ostrich egg.

Once Faye emerged with the egg, an argument broke out. Sam and Garnrock, both lawful, demanded the egg. Faye was reluctant to hand it over. Sam and Garnrock wanted to hand it over to Lexaliah, the agent of Law. Citon and Qwerty sided with Faye, and a fight almost broke out. Just as Garnrock was about to attack, Faye handed over the egg.

The heroes left the Cataphract and started making their way to the blood rose which would take them back to the Court of Chaos. 3 flying prism sentinels tried to take back the egg. Faye utterly shattered one with a single blow (one of many Faye criticals on the night). The sentinels were no match for the heroes. They plucked the rose, and appeared in the court.

The Court erupted as Garnrock moved to give the Egg to Lexaliah. She grew to 30 feet in height. The Court fired spells at her, but she put up a divine shield to block their attacks.

Four of Dzzhali's undead grooms lunged at Garnrock, grabbing him and biting his flesh. He as hurt badly, but the heroes cut down the grooms and gave Lexaliah the Yokeless Egg.

She transported them back to Gnatdamp, and blessed them. Garnrock took her on as his patron (the PCs all gained permanent bonuses to Luck).

With the adventure done, the heroes rested in the village, taking 6 weeks to recover their wounds. It also gave Katherine time to try once more to summon her familiar. This time she was successful. Her familiar was a small, silver dragon.

Poor Citon was still 12 feet tall. The people of Gnatdamp built him a giant-sized domicile, and made special clothes for him.

Dwindara, the woman covered in tattoos of Death, hooked up with Titus. Faye began a relationship with the town armorer, Effemi Nuha. Effemi was said to be a former wizard who made magic swords in Rakewright. She was short, had muscles, and was very quiet and mysterious.

Arminian the Bold told Citon about The Cave of Secrets. He said it was a place where you could go and sleep, and receive the answer to any question in your dreams.

The heroes set out for the cave, which was a few days away.

In the cave was a weird obelisk. Citon slept, but gained nothing. They met another sleeper, an old man, who told the heroes they'd need to offer 1,000 gold to be granted a dream. He told them to leave when he realized they weren't "believers". When a fight broke out, he transformed into a black fog and vanished into the obelisk.

They checked a side room and found a comatose dwarf with no eyes. he had a mirror and was wearing a symbol of the god of war. Both were taken.

The heroes came to a door with three gems on it. Qwerty touched a gem. His eyes fell from his face! His eyeless body went comatose, while Qwerty's consciousness dwelled in his eyes! He had the power to take over the bodies of low intelligence creatures. Qwerty ended up "riding" in his familiar - the floating skull!

Citon picked up and carried poor Qwerty's body.

There was a huge dungeon complex to explore. The adventurers headed through, in search of treasure and to satiate their curiosity.

They found a room full of jars of halfling fetuses who had many eyes. They were alive and were bathed in pink light. Then they fought some adult many-eyed halflings, and killed them. They came to a room with huge eyestalks that tried to kill them. They crossed over a trapped floor that hit Citon with lightning. They found a ritual area which, with the right ingredients, could cure Citon of his curse. The main missing ingredient was owlbear fur.

They came upon a room with the name: Shizilgrathnub written on the wall. When the name was spoken aloud, the whole complex shook.

They found a library. Catherine found a tome called "The One Who Watches From Below. The book explained that Shizilgrathnub was a powerful elder god who had three vaults of power. His devotees had to cut out their own eyes and lay them on one of his black altars and relinquish all possessions.

One her research was complete.. the books in the room animated. They grew eyes! They took flight and attacked! ....

5. The One Who Watches From Below

3/24/13: We finished up the adventure, which has an epic final encounter in it...

Katherine - Wizard
Citon - 12 Foot tall Donkey-eared Warrior who sweats sunlight
Faye - The Mysterious Warrior
Garnrock - Warrior
Quarty - Wizard
Sam - Halfling
Titus - Lucky Halfling

Katherine had looked through the Book of Chaos and she knew that she'd found her patron - The One Who Watches From Below. She knew she'd have to give up all of her worldly possessions, as well as her eyes!

As the book closed, other books in the room came alive. They took flight and attacked our heroes! Katherine fired off five magic missiles. Citon annihilated a book (with a critical that deafened its' foe for d6 days! Ironically, the book was titled "How to be a better listener"). Garnrock's fire flail finished off the last of the books.

The heroes came upon a room with caged monsters. There were two vilehunds guarding it - dog-like beasts with eyes on their sides! The eyes had the power to turn their victims to stone! The heroes grabbed the creatures and forced them to petrify each other.

Quarty, still cursed to be a pair of sentient eyeballs, spotted an owlbear in a cage. He needed its' fur for his ritual to return himself to normal. He slithered in to the cage and tried to dominate the beast, but it nearly clawed him to death.

Faye and Quarty distracted it with terrible dancing. Sam tossed it some meat and stealthily snipped and sheared the monster as it ate.

With the last ingredient, the adventurers made their way to the ritual room. Katherine tried to perform the ritual of reunification. It failed once, and then twice (really low rolls!). On the third try, Katherine fueled the ritual with her blood to ensure its' success. She cut off the tip of her right pointer finger. Quarty was back to normal.

The heroes made their way to the fetus jar room, and climbed down a ladder that led to the third level. In that sub-level was where the halfling hybrids grew each other in pools, and a room where their corpses were pulped and used to create new fetuses. Sam did a bit of sneaking around. He found a small room where there was a jar with eyeballs in it. This jar was where fetuses were dipped in - the eyes allowed The One Who Watches to communicate his wishes to the fetuses.

Sam took the eyes. He opened another door, where a few proto-hybrids floated in healing vats. A hybrid lunged and began choking him. 8 other hybrids nearby and their lord saw the commotion, and a fight broke out.

Garnrock killed the hybrid lord with a single blow (critical - Matt rolled a billion criticals tonight). Garnrock killed a hybrid by cutting its' legs clean off. The heroes made quick work of the hybrids.

They explored a bit. They decided against entering a room full of blinding light. They found the corpse of an elf who wore a headband quite like the one worn by their friend Dorota of Charms. They also found pyramids with pinning prisms that could be looked into - they showed various rooms in the complex.

The adventurers found a passage to the lowest level of the place. They passed by some mushrooms with glaring eyes. Katherine made a trade with Garnrock. The eyes for her magical ring - the band of fire! Katherine knew The One Who Watches did not allow followers to own earthly possessions. She felt that the eyes could be used somehow to replace her old ones. The eyes were also connected to The One Who Watches, and may have contained powers to help her magic grow.

They found a tunnel with giant acid worms that they avoided. They encountered a sleeping, eyeless gorilla. Also avoided.

Citon braved a room full of negative energy, and claimed a negative energy ring. The ring let him travel to the negative energy plane, effectively making him invisible and insubstantial in the real world. The only problem was that negative energy caused him great pain.

Down a tunnel they were ambushed by the old man and 4 hybrids. The old man transformed into an eye-headed humanoid, and then into a black web dripping with eyes! The web snatched Titus and an eye tried to dominate him (he used luck to avoid this).

Faye was bloodied by a hybrid's curved dagger. Noxia, Katherine's silver dragon, breathed fire on the web, scorching it. Sam used the band of fire to destroy it completely.

The web transformed back into its' humanoid form. Its' spellbook appeared, liquifying rapidly. Sam was able to snatch a single spell out of it - knock.

The hybrids were killed. Our heroes entered the final chamber: The Vault of Eyes.

Piles of treasure and gold, all offerings to The One Who Watches, were amassed near a chasm. Before it was an altar, also covered with treasure. A blue wand sticking out of a pile caught Quarty's eye. A sword with a blood red hilt and black tassles drew Faye's attention.

The adventurers had obtained some wheelbarrows from a previous room. They wheeled them in to the long chamber, looking around, wary. The rocky walls were covered with eyes, watching them. Sam grabbed a chest... and a hideous tentacle beast rose from the chasm! The eyes on the walls began shooting beams of energy at the heroes!

They snatched up what they could and ran for the exit!

Everyone, that is, except for Katherine. She stepped up to the altar and gouged her own eyes out with her pitchfork! She offered them to The One Who Watches!

Faye snatched up the blade. It was intelligent, and it communicated with her. The sword's name was Sparklefang - it was a vampire slayer. A beam hit Faye and transformed her into a pony! She clutched the blade in her mouth and galloped toward the exit. An ice beam struck her. She fell to the ground, dying. Quarty spoke horse! He revived her (luck check). Faye sprung up and escaped the room.

Titus was struck with a beam and fell, dying. He staggered to his feet, and then was struck again with a death ray (8 points of damage!). Garnrock, fleeing, did not stop for the fallen halfling. He rolled right over him with his wheelbarrow!

Citon put Titus' body in his wheelbarrow and escaped. The halfling was dead.

Sam and Garnrock were the last two. The place had begun to collapse. Rocks fell on them, nearly crushing them. But they escaped too.

The whole place came apart. The heroes raced out of the complex to the outside forest. There, they found Katherine, eyeless and alive. The One Who Watches had spared his new follower!

Our heroes examined their loot. Piles of gold, magic potions, and even magic rings!

They were wounded and exhausted. They needed to return home for a long rest...

6. Frozen In Time

3/31/14: Becky joined us for the first time! And Caroline couldn't make it. Matt switched out his halfling for Gaston. And Chris brought in a cleric to replace Titus, who died...

Citon - 12 foot tall donkey-eared Warrior who sweats sunlight
Corti - Wizard
Garnrock - Warrior
Gaston - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Khymie - Elf
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

The adventurers had barely escaped the collapse of the Cave of Secrets, but at a cost. Titus the halfling had been killed by the falling rubble and the blasts from the wall of eyes. The party had lost their lucky halfling. With heavy hearts, they began to make their way through the swamp back home.

While they were gone, newcomers arrived in Gnatdamp. Khymie was an elf with a pet falcon and a prediliction for chaos. Petruchial was a cleric of Aristemis. They were chatting with Gaston the wizard (who had survived the Starless Sea and still resided in Gnatdamp. They saw a weird glow coming from a cabin, and decided to investigate.

The cabin was home to the former town hero, Arminian the Bold. He'd had an arm bit off by Hargn the river dragon. The glow was from a magic rift - Noohl of the Court of Chaos was enacting a plot of revenge. He mutated Arminian, giving him two monster arms, and tasked him with killing the heroes upon their return! Gaston, Khymie, and Petruchial burst into the cabin and cut the arms off. Noohl turned his back and the rift faded. Arminian remembered nothing of this later, as he was drunk.

The heroes returned. Katherine cast Patron Bond, and was accepted by The One Who Watches. She'd learned a new spell from him, which allowed her to create wandering eyes.

Khymie met and befriended the heroes, who were all severely wounded and despondent over their trip to the Cave of Secrets. In the privacy of her own hut, Khymie cast patron bond as well. She aligned herself with the Court of Chaos!

Gaston cast Find Familiar, and called forth a cobra from the ether.

After 6 weeks of rest (recovering stat points, casting spells) and mourning for their friend Titus, the heroes were ready to help their friend Citon rid himself of his corruption.

Citon sweated sunlight, and suddenly the image of Lexaliah, scion of law, projected onto a wall. She spoke to Citon, explaining that there was a cure to his corruption in the form of a "silver ball of knives that speaks with blue light". She directed him to an ancient colossus teleportation platform in the swamp. It was powered by blood.

Citon gathered his friends for the trip. Sam the halfling decided not to go. Gaston the wizard took his place.

The mysterious Faye was nowhere to be found. Rumor had it that she'd disappeared...

The heroes made their way through the swamp to the weird stone platform. They spotted a serpent-man studying it. When they tried to hail him, he fled.

Corti cut himself, letting blood spill into the grooves of the platform. I glowed bright. The heroes stepped on it, and in a flash they appeared in the frozen north.

A neanderthal-type fellow watched them arrive in amazement. He spoke broken common. He kept saying "Torp!". He brought them to his leader, who told the heroes that three days ago "holes had appeared in the ghost ice". He offered them furs and ivory if they could deal with it. Citon had faith that this was somehow connected to Lexaliah and the cure for his corruption.

They found their way to a glacier which had partially collapse. The collapse had revealed two holes spewing green mist, 50 feet off the ground. The adventurers made their way up to the top of the glacier, and prepared to use ropes to rappel down.

They were ambushed by a sabre-toothed ice bear! Khymie used cantrip to cause the cliffside to crumble under its' feet. It plummeted to its' death.

They lowered themselves into the right hole, and forged ahead. They were attacked by three bore bugs, but made quick work of them.

The tunnel led to a grate which dropped into a misty room. The room was full of weird metal obelisks with blinking lights. Garnrock pulled levers and pressed buttons. Warning klaxons went off and a pleasant female voice spoke in an unknown tongue.

They found a shaft which, when entered, used gravity to bring them up to another door. Some doors, they'd learn, would only open when a silver or gold palm-disc was used on a side panel.

Exploration led to a number of weird rooms. There was an overgrown garden area, and a room with a wounded yeti. Citon bandaged its' wounds. The yeti began to follow his new friend. The "Torp" villagers had told the heroes of a mystic city where spellcasting yeti lived. This yeti showed flashes of intelligence. There was also a kitchen with a microwave that made poisonous paste.

Their probing led to a trophy room, with paintings, statues, and... a Tyrannosaurus Rex in some kind of stasis field!

A gravity tube led to another level. A door led to a bedroom where a floating silver ball with spikes and needles lurked. It "scanned" the heroes with a blue ray, narrowing in on Citon. The heroes let out a shout as it advanced, pummeling it. They stopped their assault, however, realizing this was the device that Lexaliah was talking about (it was a medical drone). Citon let it inject him four times. Each injection cured him of one of his corruptions! He was normal again. The drone had one more dose. It injected Katherine, curing her of her chattering teeth.

Once it used its' last dose, the drone powered down and went inert.

On the bed was the dead body of a seven foot tall man, aged and diseased. He had a gold palm-disc and a weird device in a sheath (a ray gun!). The yeti figured out how to work the ray gun. Gaston claimed it as his own.

On the other side of the hallway as a treasury guarded by a robot with flailing arms. It was guarding ten items taken from different times and dimensions. Some were guarded by stasis fields. Khymie spotted a blaster rifle (from the Android Wars). The stasis field around it flickered on and off. She cast cantrip, and swiftly called the rifle to her hand between flickers.

She snatched the rifle, turned and fired off a huge hole in the robot! She noticed that the rifle was damaged (and burned luck to stop it from exploding in her hands).

Noxia, Katherine's pet dragon, breathed fire on the robot, destroying it.

With the robot dealt with, the heroes looted the items not completely protected by stasis field.

Citon claimed a katana of the Lich Shogun.
Garnrock claimed full plate adorned with rosebud and briar
Katherine snagged a statuette inscribed with Ekim's Mystical Mask
I don't remember who got a huge +2 shield and I think Petruchial claimed a deputy's badge from the old west

Up another gravity shaft... our heroes found a menagerie of monsters in stasis. There was:

A mutated Ant-man
A weird slug
A 3-Headed Tiger
An owlbear (!)
A walrus man
A bald man with black eyes and long claws

There was a rumble from the power room. A stasis field malfunctioned. The ant-man got loose and attacked! The heroes killed him. Then there was another malfunction. The owlbear got loose! They killed it too.

The adventurers decided to head back to the power room to see about fixing it. They pressed buttons and pulled levers. All it did was shut down the lights, and spew radioactive gas! Poor Khymie was given radiation sickness (and would lose 1 STR permanently for 4 months straight). Citon was hit too! He turned blue! Poor Citon had come all this way to rid himself of corruption. He did so, but now was corrupted anew!

They headed back to the Menagerie and explored the final room beyond it. The room had a big platform in it, activated by a panel. Katherine turned it on. The platform glowed. The heroes declined stepping on it.

There was another power surge. Klaxons went off. The lights went red. The whole place was malfunctioning, and getting ready to self-destruct!

The heroes raced out and headed for the exit. But to their dismay, when they got to the trophy room, the Tyrannosaurus Rex was loose!

It let out a bone-shaking roar. Khymie took aim with her blaster rifle and fired! The laser cut through the dinosaur's side.. but it also malfunctioned! Khymie and Cortie both were dropped in the explosion! The other heroes were hurt bad, too. Katherine finished the T-Rex off with three magic missiles.

Petruchial knelt down to heal the heroes, ready to bolt out of the place before it exploded.....

7. Tower of the Black Pearl


Citon - 12 foot tall donkey-eared Warrior who sweats sunlight
Corti - Wizard
Faye - Warrior
Old Faye - Warrior from an alternate future
Garnrock - Warrior
Gaston - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Khymie - Elf
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

The heroes healed up. Faye headed off into the Myrwych and was dragged through a portal which led to an alternate future. She saw a massive evil entity known as Ith-Narmant fighting an army of yetis led by alternate universe versions of the heroes! Some of them were even flying a ship made of stone that fired lasers. Ith-Narmant had made shadow pillars that were turning the sun black.

Ith-Narmant was connected to an evil Shadow Sword, which had been used to increase his power.

Faye fought alongside an older, scarred version of herself. Ith-Narmant's army was full of vampires. Since Faye's sword Sparklefang was a vampire slayer, she'd been plucked from her timeline to help fight the vampire army.

The battle was in vain. Ith-Narmant won. Faye and her older, alternate universe self escaped back into "our" world and time.

Once they settled back into Gnatdamp, having befriended "Old" Faye, Khymie quietly cast a ritual. She contacted The Court of Chaos, and they became her patron! The Court immediately began to feud, each wanted to get in Faye's ear.

The heroes learned of a tower of Sezrekan's which rose out of the sea every ten years, for a single night. They sailed there, and found that pirates had already begun to plunder it. The heroes crept into the tower and came upon a room full of candles connected to the souls of Lawful beings. They left the candles alone.

They came upon some pirates. They killed the men and kept the women. One of the females, Salty Sam, was charmed by Khymie. Sam was friendly to Khymie but constantly insulted the rest of the party. The insults got to be too much. Salty Sam was pushed off of a bridge later on.

They found the leader of the pirates. He was wielding.. the Shadow Sword! They killed him and argued over who got to claim it. The sword ultimately went to Old Faye.

The heroes opened a sarcophagus of Sezrekan's. This angered the mad wizard. He contacted Gaston and scolded him. Gaston took him as a patron to curb his wrath.

A magic black orb was in a room held by a statue. It was on the far side of the room which was flooded and full of vipers! Patrons were called upon.   Katherine raced across on a tentacle. Citon used the negative ring to cross. Both of them wanted the orb for themselves!   Citon snatched the orb.. and suddenly the water rose magically! Both of the heroes were about to be attacked by 25 vipers. The rest of the group was across the room, unable to help...

8. Well of the Worm


Corti - Wizard
Faye - Warrior
Old Faye - Warrior from an alternate future
Garnrock - Warrior
Gaston - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Khymie - Elf
Nano - Cleric
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 Citon fell into the water. 25 vipers swarmed him poisoned him, and killed him. A skull familiar grabbed the black orb from the corpse of Citon. Katherine crossed the room on her floating disk. The whole tower was filling with water!

Citon had been corrupted many times. He had cured himself, only to be corrupted even more by the radiation in the time ship. After all his hardships and near-death experiences, Citon was dead.

The adventurers had no time to get his body. they had to flee. They had a bit of trouble crossing a set of broken stairs, but ultimately they were successful.

They spent a month or two resting in town. Corti called upon The Three Fates to be his patron. He'd eventually favor Sezrekan over them.

The Black Pearl was a powerful mgic item - but it drew powerful monsters to it! Hargn the River Dragon exploded into town one day and breathed sleep gas, knocking out the heroes. It snatched the pearl and other magic items, too.

The heroes rested up. They vowed one day soon to go after the dragon to get their things ack. But first, they had to deal with war worms - they were attacking the nearby serpentfolk village.

The war worm lair was in a well lined with mucus. At the bottom of it, Nano found a magic dagger called Vermys. A familiar was sent down the well, too. War Wroms lunged out of the walls and killed it! The familiar had belonged to Corti - he was weakened as his soul bond had been shattered.

The heroes waded through the war worm lair, killing mucus zombies, fighting on a catwalk over a maggot pit. The heroes decided to kill each and every single maggot.

9. Hargn The River Dragon

4/28/14: Matt added a character - a level one thief.

Corti - Wizard
Faye - Warrior
Old Faye - Warrior from an alternate future
Garnrock - Warrior
Gaston - Wizard
Jack - Thief
Katherine - Wizard
Khymie - Elf
Nano - Cleric
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

The assault on the war worms continued. Katherine sent her familiar into a room with a legless ogre zombie. The ogre killed Noxia the Silver Dragon!

The heroes killed the rest of the war worms and returned home. They summoned new familiars (Katherine got another dragon and Corti got a tiny woman of extraordinary beauty).

Once all wounds had been healed, the heroes set out into the western swamp to find the dragon's lair and to steal their stuff back!

They ran into some blue-skinned dimensional sailors. They pummeled and questioned them. The sailors knew where the lair was - it was a magic cave under the river. The heroes swam in.

Other creatures had been drawn to the lair - hollow ones. They looked human, but had tentacle interiors. The creatures had stolen the dragon's hoard. The heroes let one get away with the pearl - they realized that the pearl was not worth it.

The lair turned out to be a secret lab built by the wizard Alhazred - he was one of the three wizards who had been in the wizard duel that had ravaged the land.

They answered a riddle. Jack was killed by a dart trap. They rescued a green/grey skinned 6 armed woman named Iola. She claimed to be Alhazred's cousin. Why was she trapped here? "He didn't want anyone else to have me".

They picked up a few other cool items in the hoard - a cloak of many fashions, an elixir of fleeting love, and the book of unspeakable shame.

They also found notes on the item that the wizards dueled over: The deck of fates. It held a few tantalizing clues as to the powers of the deck.

With their stuff in hand, the heroes returned home. The dragon ended up going to war with the hollow ones over the pearl.

10. The Tower Out of Time

5/5/14: Only two players tonight!

Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 A weird tower appeared in the swamp near gnatdamp. It shot a huge beam of red light into the night sky! The heroes went to check it out. It turned out to be a tower for time-traveling serpentmen. The light was a beacon for the time-traveler's starship to come back to the world.

The heroes fought their way through the tower, battling a dinosaur-type creature and cerebraleeches attached to monkey men.

They had some problems in a trapped hallway, repeatedly getting hit with lightning before figuring out how to open the magic door.

The final room held a flower and an insane serpentman sorcerer. He created many mirror images of himself. The heroes spells fizzled over and over - fate was not on their side. Choking cloud took out some images. Two heroes dropped, but they survived.

11. Glipkerio's Gambit

6/3/14: This is the final session with Matt and Becky. they're moving... d'oh. Chris brought in a 1st level thief who died at the hands of some snow apes.

Corti - Wizard
Faye - Warrior
Old Faye - Warrior from an alternate future
Garnrock - Warrior
Gaston - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Khymie - Elf
Nano - Cleric
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 The nearby town of Cragsmere was evacuated. A wizard named Glipkerio had created an army of time-displaced versions of himself to raid the town and overtake the town's magic temple to the Three Fates all in an effort to please his evil patron Obitu-Que.

A few refugees from Cragsmere made their ay to Gnatdamp and explained the situation. The heroes headed to Cragsmere. They explored/looted the abandoned town and ascended the mountain that the temple was on. Some snow apes killed a thief. They killed a cat-headed giant, which was a corrupted version of Glipkerio.

Magic stairs were tricky to figure out. They had to be stepped on in a certain order. They not only figured it out, they also found a secret treasure cache that contained a magic sword called MythEnder. Corti took it. He followed the Three Fates.

The heroes killed over 20 Glipkerios in a harrowing final battle. They looted his stuff and went home. The people of Cragsmere were free to return, though many of them had died in the forest.

Soon after, the Court of Chaos enacted a plot. They'd been looking for revenge against the heroes for handing over the Yokeless Egg to the Scions of Law. They tricked Gaston, Khymie, Garnrock and others through a portal along with Mitch Bailey. They were trapped in Earth circa 1986! Who knows what evil schemes they have in store for the people of Earth.

12. The Emerald Enchanter

6/9/14: Just 3 players.. new era! Mike is now playing.

Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 Some of the refugees from Cragsmere had been abducted by creatures in a strange emerald tower. Cragsmere's own warrior, Jamal Colorado, led them there.

The entrance was guarded by two animated emerald statues. When slain, one became gems, the other became a dying citizen of Cragsmere.

Inside, the heroes made quick work of a massive tile golem. The owner of the place, The Emerald Enchanter, sicked a few flying skulls on the heroes. They killed the skulls and wounded the enchanter greatly.

They came upon a Hall of Anguish which nearly killed everyone. In the walls were angry spirits which could claw at the adventurers. What made this more difficult, was that Katherine had a spell misfire and was trapped in a force bubble for the duration. Poor Jamal escaped the hall only to fall in a pit trap past it.

Later, they had a tough fight in a hallway with more emerald eidolons. They barely survived.

There was a room with magic podiums and books. The heroes swiftly figured out how to circumvent them and got their hands on the books. The books had information on the Enchanter's transmogrification vats. The Enchanter liked to imprison creatures in his emerald creations. These were powered by a moon devil he had trapped.

They came upon a room with caged creatures, including cats with gems in their foreheads...

13. Vat Fodder

6/16/14: We finished up the emerald enchanter and we may play on Free RPG Day this Saturday.

Corti - Wizard
(Young) Faye - Warrior
(Old) Faye - Warrior
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 The adventurers killed the gem cats in the cages, left the snake alone, and also left the weird glowing blob alone.

They came to a room with a giant stone skull embedded in the wall. It shot red beams of energy at them. They took it down. 

They killed 10 animated severed hands and found a laboratory stocked with scrolls, potions and an alchemy table with bubbling elixirs. The adventurers boldly messed with it, causing all sorts of weird effects. Nano mixed the contents of two beakers together. There was a puff of smoke. When it dissipated, he found that he had become... a cat-person. He had cat ears, a tail, the whole deal.

They destroyed an emerald ogre in a mutant plant room and then went back and rescued some Cragsmere citizens (dark-skin, dreadlocks... Rastafarians, basically). These were Jamal Colorado's brethren and they were over joyed. They warned the adventurers that the Emerald Enchanter had taken two beautiful citizens to his vat hall to transform them into emerald eidolons. There wasn't much time!

These are the Cragsmere citizens:

DaQuain Sacramento
Deandre Tulsa
Jamarco Montgomery
Lavernius Corpus Christi
Waverly Akron
Wyclef Mississippi
Kordell Norfolk

They said things like:

"All Fruits Ripe" (All is good)
"Bodderation" (That bothers me)
"Bumboclot" (Apparently this is their ultimate swear word)
"Bushweed" (Low quality herb)
"Everything cook and curry" (Everything is fine)
"Sufferation" (A state of suffering or oppression)

The citizens were freed. They fled back to Cragsmere.

Down in level 2, the adventurers came across a moon devil trapped in a pentagram of salt. There were brass tubes in him that extended into the ceiling, powering the Enchanter's vats. The moon devil also word gold shackles. Gold made him very weak. He asked the adventurers to free him.

They decided to do it, and if it was a bad choice, Corti would use the chronomantic amulet that he got off of Glipkerio to go back in time and reverse the decision. They freed the moon devil - he blessed them (permanent +1 to their Luck score) and vanished.

On the third level, the heroes destroyed a scorpion-shaped eidolon. 

 Then, they arrived at the Enchanter's room with the transmogrification vats. There were two beautiful Cragsmere ladies in cages hung from the ceiling by chains. They were slowly being lowered into the vats (The PCs had four rounds to save them).

The two beautiful Cragsmere women were:

Lickle Sistren (looks like the blonde woman on the cover)
Vantrice Chesapeke Bay (a lady with a fro)

The enchanter was accompanied by eight flying skulls and two eidolons!

As the battle began, Old Faye drank a potion of spider climb, ran up to the ceiling, cut a chain, tore the cage open  and freed Lickle Sistren. Poor Vantrice was lowered into a vat to her doom.

Jamal raced into the room and was struck down by the horde. He fell to the ground, dying. The Enchanter called on his patron, Azi Dahaka, who created a magic storm in the hallway where the heroes were. They scattered as best they could, but poor Corti's Force Manipulation spell has misfired. He couldn't move, he could only hover in the air in the storm!

Corti was able to shut down the storm by calling on the Three Fates! Nano and Petruchial were dropped by the overwhelming amount of eye rays coming from the bats. 

Somehow, the clerics were revived (potions). One of them staggered over to Jamal and healed him. Jamal lunged at the Enchanter and cut him down.

The adventurers had nearly all been slaughtered, but in the end they won one of their hardest-fought battles.

They eventually made their way home to Gnatdamp, for weeks of resting, learning spells, and preparation to at last visit the city of Rakewight to buy things and to consult a great wizard....

14. Elzemon and the Blood-Drinking Box

6/24/14: I ran most of the Free RPG Day adventure tonight!

Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

The adventurers had just barely survived their battle with The Emerald Enchanter. They went to Cragsmere with Lickle Sistren to rest for a few days. Then they headed home to the swampy town of Gnatdamp for a very extended rest.

For four months the adventurers healed their wounds and regained their vitality (some of them had spellburned down almost to nothing). Katherine and Corti both learned new spells from the Emerald Enchanter's spellbook.

One day, when Katherine was alone in her hut on a cliff, she had a vision in her magic pool flanked by four mini-pyramids. She saw a cavern full of jars of halfling fetuses - the agents of The One Who Watches. The cavern collapsed and was destroyed. Katherine had the sense that it was time to grow her own halfling. She went to work..

Iola, the six-armed woman and cousin of the rogue wizard Darjr, experimented with spells using Jamal Colorado as a guinea pig. He became permanently shivery.

Once they were fully restored, the adventurers decided it was time to travel to the city of Rakewight. They wanted to make some purchases. So they got on a boat captained by a halfling and set sail.

Somewhere in here, a spell was cast that called on the attention of the Court of Chaos. The Court used this opportunity to lay claim to the souls of the adventurers. Should they die, they would not go to the land of Death, but rather they would go to an island on the bloody sea near the Court's home, to face trials for the Court's amusement. Obviously, the Court was still angry about the heroes handing the Yokeless Egg over to the Scions of Law.

During the trip, an android controlled by a cleric of Gorhan came aboard. The cleric had a holy mission to wipe Te One Who Watches from the face of the planet. Once the android fond out that Katherine had The One as a patron, he began firing palm lasers at her. A fight ensued. The heroes destroyed the android. Through its' mouth-speaker, the cleric warned he would send more androids.

Rakewight was a city built on ruins, founded b necromancers. The people wore black and worshiped Death and Mani, goddess of the moon. Corti was actually a noble from Rakewight, and had a mansion that the heroes could stay in.

The adventurers shopped a bit. A few of them bought heavy but powerful half-plate armor (+7 to AC!).

They asked around about a wizard. There were a few wizards in the city. There was Wyngard Crag, and Emirikol the Chaotic (who had an apprentice named Leotah).

They got directions and came to Emirikol's tower. It changed shape each hour, and was guarded by leopards and roosting pterodactyls. A winged monkey flew down from the tower and screeched at the heroes. Katherine almost killed it but she was restrained by her companions.

They met with Emirikol in his study, which was lined with magic skulls. An arrangement was made. He would give the heroes some spells, if they would go to a cliff lair of a rival wizard named Nekros. The heroes had to steal a box from Nekros, which contained something that Emirikol wanted. The heroes agreed.

They traveled north through the forest for three days, and came upon the waterfall. There were corpses of hunters and a bear nearby. Emirikol said something cryptic about the magic entrance, and Corti immediately realized that the corpses needed to be facing the sky. The bodies were turned over, and a magic entrance into the cliff wall appeared.

Inside was spiral stairs that seemed to go down forever. Katherine and Corti both tried to cast Force Manipulation. Both failed (both of them rolled ones!). Corti's spell backfired spectacularly. He hovered in the air and had a vision of his patron, Sezrekan. Sezrekan was pacing about... Corti caught some glimpses of a new spell. As he came to, he realized that if he immediately began doing research, that he could learn a new spell (of his choosing!). So Corti headed out to the waterfall with his Cortiana, his miniature woman of extraordinary beauty to study and create. This meant that only four heroes were going to raid Nekros' lair, as Corti's study would take four days.

Some invisible entity began to mock the heroes. 5 wall-climbing man-sized hairless cats attacked them. They were called tirgefrabs. They vomited acidic bile on the heroes. The heroes tried to fight back, but were ineffective. Jamal Colorado began retching uncontrollably for 30 seconds. The tirgefrabs retreated and teased the adventurers about their poor performance.

The stairs just went down and down. Six hours passed! Jamal spotted a broken section of stairs and the adventurers were able to navigate them without falling to their doom.

Four more hours passed. The heroes decided to sleep on the stairs. During the night, the invisible entity gave Katherine a wave of frozen energy, causing her to not gain a good night's rest and thus she did not regain her spells.

The next day they resumed their descent. After 6 more hours, they got to the bottom. It was truly odd. There were pools of golden liquid, with bridges suspended 10 feet above them. The bridges led to a central structure made of guano. In the guano building were double doors.

The adventurers proceeded with caution, arguing with the invisible entity. There were three sections of the bridge that were thin and perilous to cross. Kathrine tried to cross, but fell into the pool of golden liquid! In the pool was a colossal leech that attached itself to her. Petruchial threw her a rope. The heroes opened fire but ended up hitting Katherine. Katherine couldn't climb the rope with the leech on her. Katherine's mini dragon clawed and swiped at the leech until it died. The heroes pulled her out as the entity laughed.

They got to the guano building. Jamal bashed the doors open, though he was hurt by shattering glass covering the doors.

Inside was a 3 foot tall white box covered in copper tubes. A pipe hanging above the box dripped blood into the tubes. Apparently, the blood of a lawful being powered the box and kept its' prisoner inside.

There were many doors in here. Nano peered in one (curiosity killed the cat amirite?). A monk was inside, with tubes pressed into his body, draining all of the blood from him. He croaked something about the box needing blood, and died.

The adventurers had seen enough. Jamal and Nano together carried the box and the party went back out to the bridge. Now they had to cross the thin stretches once more.

Things got more complicated. A swarm of pink bat/eye things swooped down and attacked them! Katherine turned herself into a laser harpy and flew far across the bridge to safety. The others tried to run for it as the swarm tore at them and knocked them down. In the chaos, Nano fell into a pool of golden liquid... with the box. Jamal couldn't keep his grip. He decided to just run for it.

Nano immediately began to sink. His brand new half-plate armor was very heavy and not at all conducive to swimming (-7 penalty to swim checks!). Nano knew he was about to die. With all his might, he called upon his deity for aid (he spellburned quite a bit and accrued 10 points of disapproval!). The mighty Cthulhu answered his call, shifting Nano over to the far side of the bridge where Katherine was.

This left Petruchial all alone in the swarm! The heroes fired on the swarm from afar (while Katherine continued to run for the stairs). Petruchial began to realize his only chance was to call on his god as well...!

15. Fate's Fell Hand

6/30/14: Mike is gone, and Gavin has joined us.

Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 In the dung-building, a prisoner emerged from a blood-draining closet. His name was Tronicus! He stumbled out and joined our heroes in the battle against the swarm. Poor Tronicus fell into a pool of liquid and began to drown.

The adventurers fired off arrows and ranged spells, which seemed to do little against the swarm.

Tronicus swam up and climbed out of the pool. Together, the team retreated to the stairs, taking hit after hit from the swarm. It was a brutal war, but the adventurers ultimately persevered.

The invisible imp who had been mocking them actually apologized.

The blood-drinking box needed the blood of a lawful person. Tronicus was the only one. In went his blood.

As the adventurers ascended the massive stairwell, the hairless cats attacked again. They went out of their way not to attack Nano, the cat-man. Katherine fired off a magic missile spell that destroyed almost all of the monsters in a single shot.

With the creatures dealt with, the heroes eventually made their way out of the complex and emerged out by the waterfall. As fate would have it, underlings of the evil wizard were returning to the complex with fresh prisoners whose blood could feed the box. Corti had finished studying and joined up with his allies to battle the creatures.

Katherine slaughtered almost all of them with a pair of spells.

They returned to the city of Rakewight and gave the box to Emirikol. Then they sailed home to Gnatdamp to rest.

Soon after, Iola the six-armed woman told the adventurers that her cousin, the wizard Al Hazred, had magically reached out to her. Al-Hazred was one of the three wizards who had been in the spell duel that ravaged the forest around Gnatdamp. He asked her for help and gave her a vision of a cave in the swamp.

The adventurers checked out the cave and found a magic rift. They passed through, and emerged into a weird demiplane with a blue moon. The whole demiplane was surrounded by a wall of chaos energy.

The adventurers explored the realm. They came upon a manor where there was a party going on. They found a chapel inside with the symbol of Magog. They got worried and backed out of there quickly.

In a throne room they came upon a drunk warrior on a throne. He called himself the Prince of Swords. He began threatening the heroes, and he ended up in a duel with Nano. After a fierce battle, he ran Nano through with his blade. Nano was dead!

The adventurers unleashed their rage on the Prince and killed him.

They checked out a marsh and found a secret tunnel under a flagstone. There was a secret cavern down below. They battled a demon made up of little flies. Katherine ran off while the rest of the group battled it, irking her companions. They killed it, and found a coffer embedded in the wall protected by a pit trap.

Katherine pulled out the coffer. It was covered in spikes and barbs. She cut herself on it accidentally, and found herself magically geased to protect the coffer with her life! The heroes took her down and knocked her out before she could fire off a lethal spell.

16. The Celestial Mantle


Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 The group had to knock out Katherine, who had been magically geased to protect a strange coffer they'd found. Before they could open it, a jester approached them from the tunnel. He tried to con them into leaving the coffer alone. When that failed, he attacked. It was a deadly battle. When they cut him down, a devil emerged from his corpse and battled them! When they killed the devil, a massive fly slipped out of his mouth and fled. The fly escaped, much to the dismay of the adventurers.

They braved the traps of the coffer and found it contained a single card of the deck of fates - The Jester. They felt that they had some kind of power over the jester/devil/fly they'd just defeated now.

The adventurers slept and rested. The next morning, they emerged from the cavern and went back to the throne room in the manor. There, they witnessed the devil drawing cards from a spectral deck of fates. They'd learn that each day this happened, and cards were divided amongst the three wizards in the demiplane. Each card represented different creatures in the demiplane who could aid the wizards, who battled to get all of the physical cards.

Whoever held the complete deck of fates had control over the demiplane.

Another strange fact of the demi-plane was that those who died were reborn the next day, but were connected to the deck. Off in a battlefield strewn with corpses, Nano was brought back to life, under the service of the wizard Darjr. He heard Darjr's voice in his mind: "Rejoin your comrades, help them assemble the deck, and bring it to me!". Nano was compelled to do so.

The heroes were shocked to find the Prince of Swords back to life. He bitterly explained that they would share this fate as well - eternal servitude to a random wizard. None of them were aware that the arrival of the heroes had begun a process. The chaos walls had begun devouring the plane from the outside in!

The adventurers searched the throne room and found a secret hatch under a carpet. It needed three keys to be opened.

They headed into a side chamber in the manor, where three ladies-in-waiting greeted them in a flirtatious manner. Their matron tried to shoo away the adventurers.

The group quickly realized that each lady had a key to the secret hatch, and that if they impressed them, they could get the keys Corti gained one by casting a spell and then using his chronomantic amulet to reverse time and try again. It ripped a hole in time and summoned a future version of himself who could answer a question. They couldn't think of one and he faded away.

After a lot of stalling, the heroes had only one idea to get the other two keys: They cast darkness, stumbled around and snatched them off the ladies' necklaces.

They opened the hatch, which led into underground caves that Al Hazred dwelled in. They battled a stone drake, which had the power to turn people to stone. The Stone Drake fired a beam at Petruchial and petrified him! The cleric was gone forever.

The group carefully passed by a pool and found a chamber where the robed wizard stood against a wall. He was wearing a magical robe. He was in some weird sort of stasis, while 6 other versions of himself traversed the multi-verse.

They pulled off his robe, revealing a screaming void that tried to suck them in. The adventurers staggered back and barely avoided eternal doom.

They went back to the pool. They fought an ooze and found a bunch of tablets of the deck of fates!

17. Eriodade The Beautiful


Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Petruchial - Cleric of Aristemis, the Insightful One, demigoddess of true seeing and strategy

 The heroes investigated the forest at the edge of the demiplane. The forest was slowly being devoured by a swirling wall of chaos.

There were these giant phlogiston worms devouring trees. The heroes killed one, and then stepped close to the swirling chaos. Katherine decided to walk right into it! She could only shriek in horror as she was unravelled and destroyed! She would not be reborn in the demiplane. Rather, the Court of Chaos had lain claim to her soul as revenge for stealing the Yokeless Egg.

On an island in the realm of Chaos, Katherine was reborn and forced to spend an eternity doing research for the Court. Perhaps one day, the heroes would have a chance to rescue her...

The adventurers checked out a lake. Four sword-wielding skeletons wearing blue tabards (signifying that they served Eriodade the Beautiful) lurked. The heroes hid and tried to figure out the magical properties of the lake. As night fell, the lake shifted. Large fireflies hovered about. Rocks appeared, forming a path on the surface of the lake. They led to a magical entrance down into a tunnel in the lake.

The adventurers traversed the path and had an epic battle with the fireflies. A few of them plunged into the lake and nearly drowned due to their heavy armor. They eventually killed the flies and descended into Eriodade's "solid" water cavern.

They fought and killed Eriodade. They snatched her plaques and fled as the "solid" water collapsed.

All they needed were Darjr's plaques. They headed to his lair, which was a tower hovering past the edge of a cliff. Mordax, the devil/ester followed them.

The heroes heard his bells jangling. He told them he wanted his card back. He claimed he could summon a bridge to the tower in exchange. This was merely a ruse, where he tried to push Nano over the side. Nano clung to the cliff edge in desperation.

Nano's allies shoved the jester over the side before he could finish off the cleric. The jester fell into the roiling chaos and was dispersed and "unmade". They lowered a deer pelt down to the cleric and pulled him up.

The bridge eventually appeared due to the magical moon-cycle. They went inside, battled the wizard's weird marionettes and then battled him in a room where a young Darjr was whipping an old Darjr. They claimed his plaques and had at last assembled the deck of fates!

The adventurers were able to use the deck to return home. The wizards were slain, and the deck was claimed once and for all.

18. The Sea Queen Escapes


Bianca - Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Tronicus - Warrior

The adventurers had escaped the demi-plane, the wizards defeated. They went home to the swampy town of Gnatdamp to rest.

Katherine was gone, perhaps forever. As far as the heroes knew, she was dead. She had a clone that sprung into being in the lair of The Emerald Enchanter. Her name was Bianca. Bianca tended to Katherine's cliffside shack while Katherine was away adventuring. Now Bianca decided to adventure with the heroes in Katherine's Stead.

The group also accepted a new member, a much-needed healer. His name was Napolean.

After a month or so, Lexaliah the agent of law appeared before them. She wished to reward them for giving the Yokeless Egg to the Scions of Law. She gave them a boat that magically appeared in the harbor. It was painted white and gold.

Soon after, Jamal began having dreams of a kelp-wearing sea woman begging for aid. She said she'd been imprisoned by an evil wizard. After some research, the adventurers set sail for the lair of a dead wizard called Shadankin.

In the lair was a vast chasm with water 30 feet below. There were these turtle shells hovering over it. The idea was to jump from shell to shell to get to the other side of the room.

Tronicus began jumping, but missed and fell into the water. His heavy armor sank him right to the bottom! He began to drown! Other heroes dove in to rescue him. Bianca, Katherine's clone, and Corti remained on the ledge while the rest of the party dove in.

To their chagrin, there were lampreymen in concealed alcoves high up. They began heaving harpoons down on the defenseless heroes in the water! It was a deadly ambush to say the least.

Corti and Bianca eventually took out the lampreymen with magic missiles. Then they used force manipulation to create a hovering disk that allowed the adventurers to cross the chasm.

They explored a side room and killed some more lampreymen.

The adventurers discovered three of these strange, moist jellyfish-type suits that enabled them to breathe underwater. They descended some steps and came upon a room with a lagoon. Off in the water was a clam with a magic horn in it.

Three heroes donned suits - Jamal, Tronicus and Nano. They swam toward the pearl while the other heroes watched. A massive hammerhead shark suddenly raced toward the swimmers. Tronicus got hurt very bad and nearly died. He pulled through, plunging his blade into the shark' head, killing it.

19. Vault of the Turtle


Bianca - Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Tronicus - Warrior

Tronicus had slain the hammerhead shark and claimed a magic horn. They headed out to sea and rested on their ship. Then, through more visions sent by the imprisoned sea princess, they were instructed to blow the magic horn. The horn summoned an island-sized sea turtle!

There was a dungeon built inside its' shell. In the shell was a key that the heroes needed to free the Sea Queen. In the dungeon, they came upon a room lined with kelp on the walls. Beneath the kelp were three monsters who were cursed adventurers. On of them had an eel that popped out of his torso. Another was a lady covered in crabs. And the last was an elf with poisonous coral on his face.

A sleep spell took down most of the monsters, but it was still a tough fight. The adventurers persevered and examined a door held shut with golden lobster claw clasps.

In the room beyond was a hovering jellyfish that had treasure inside its' translucent mass. After some poking and prodding, they saw that penetrating it caused an acidic-type spray. Corti cast a Shield Maiden spell. The shield maiden (an amazon warrior sword to serve the wizard Sezrekan) sliced it and was paralyzed by the spray.

The adventurers were worried that the shield maiden would die if they left her in the dungeon. Napoleon cast Banish on her, to send her back from whence she came.

They obtained the key and sailed on to the island where the Sea Queen was held captive. The water around the island had tar floating on it. Stuck in the tar were many dead seagulls.

The group was wary of the tar, so they used levitate to cross it.

On the island was a building in the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. Inside it was the dungeon that was the prison of the Sea Queen. The dungeon's halls had two feet of tarry water, which made movement slow and difficult.

They came upon a partially-collapsed room. There was a glowing capsule o the far side near a weird rock formation. Jamal crossed the room alone.. realizing that any loud or jarring activity could cause the room to further collapse. He grabbed the capsule, which was 2 feet long. Tronicus joined him, only to cause a collapse! Rubble fell on him, pinning him to the ground.

Suddenly the ":weird rock" by the capsule stirred. It was actually a giant chamelion-like creature known as an adamantor lizard that had been sleeping!

The spellcasters spells went haywire due to misfortune (aka bad rolls). Nano spat fire out of one of his "extremities" and accidentally scorched Bianca. Bianca tried to cast spider climb but ended up with her feet stuck to the floor.

They eventually cut down the lizard and carefully crept through the deadly room to the relative safety of the next chamber.

20. The Balance Blade


- Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Faye (Old) - Warrior from an alternate future
Faye  (Young) - Warrior of the present
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Tronicus - Warrior

The adventurers came upon a door guarding the prison of the Sea Queen. It had a fiery lock, which the adventurers had little trouble bypassing.  The prison was odd - a floating globe of water held the Queen and two of her slumbering handmaidens captive.

Jamal stabbed the globe, and caused it to drain. The Queen and her maidens spilled out and came to. They thanked the heroes and asked them to lead them to the sea. They were drained and starving!

But as the heroes began to lead them, the Sea Queen took her true form. She was not a prisoner of an evil wizard! She had become a monstrous blood drinker, and had been locked away by a friendly wizard who hoped to find a cure for her. Alas, he died before he could find a cure.

She cast magic missile, firing a massive magic missile spell that tore through Nano. He was down and dying, but pulled through in the end. Old Faye climbed onto the sea queen and forced a potion of love into her throat. This caused the Sea Queen and her handmaidens to flee into the ocean.

The adventurers got on their bot, sailed home, and rested for three months. They spent this time recovering from spellburn, healing wounds, and casting spells. Bianca summoned a familiar - a telepathically-talkative python.

Cortiana, Corti's miniature woman of extraordinary beauty, had a vision. Sezrekan demanded that Corti go and retrieve an item called The Balance Blade. Sezrekan said he'd helped the wizard by sending him a shield maiden, and now it was time to return the favor!

Corti gathered the group, and Sezrekan sent them to a weird world with a red sky full of strange constellations. There was a cave nearby. The adventurers went in and explored.

The heroes found a weird obelisk with sigils. Then they went down a hallway and fought a chaotic changeling that transformed before their very eyes. As it attacked, it went from a crocodile with stork legs to a creature with a bear body and a scorpion tail! The heroes killed it and were unnerved to see its' remains turn into sludge which swirled down a non-existant drain.

They had to pass through three barred portcullis-like gates. It turned out each could have its' bars bent only by those of a certain alignment. Luckily they had beings of Chaos, neutrality and even law among them.

Tronicus was the only lawful member. He bent bars and then headed down a hallway. Under the dirt beneath him was a magic glyph of annihilation beneath him! He was scorched by black and purple energy, and died!

The adventurers did not know it at the time, but the Court of Chaos had laid claim to his soul as well. He re-formed on an island in the land of chaos, and was forced to forge weapons for the chaos demons that served the Court of Chaos.

Nano was also hit, but by sheer luck he survived (he burned luck points. Tronicus tried to burn luck, but he didn't have enough points to make it!).

The adventurers passed through an illusory wall and were transported to a room whose inhabitants looked different to those of different alignments. The neutral adventurers saw a beautiful lady with her ten year old son. Chaotic heroes saw a succubus and her hideous spider-child.

She told the adventurers that she could only be freed by the kiss of a "true man". Jamal boldly stepped forward to give it a try. Her kiss was deadly, draining the life from him (d3 personality per round!).

A battle broke out. She cast Darkness, which made things very rough for the adventurers (-8 to hit). The heroes tried firing range attacks in the dark, but ended up hitting each other.

Eventually they cut her and her gross kid down. The darkness went away. She became oily liquid, draining into the floor. The gunk formed a gaping bottomless pit.

The adventurers seriously considered jumping in. They eventually climbed down and found a tunnel in the side. The tunnel lead to a vast hall containing a colossal mummy sitting on a throne the size of a many-stories tall building.

There was a door in the base of the throne that lead to a long hallway. The group decided to split here, worried about the possibility of the mummy coming to life. Only a couple of them ventured down the very long hall. Cortiana insisted on going. In the room was the balance blade, perched perfectly on the tip of a stone triangle.

Suddenly, Sezrekan took control of Cortiana. He made her grow to human size. She snatched the blade and turned to fight the heroes!

She battled the adventurers (and rolled ridiculously poorly). Then she fell into a vortex of Sezrekan's making. Sezrekan had claimed her as well as The Balance Blade!

21. The 13th Skull


Bianca - Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Faye (Old) - Warrior
Faye (Young) - Warrior
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric

Tronicus had died, and Cortiana had been stolen by the mad wizard Sezrekan, along with the Balance Blade.

Corti learned that Cortiana had been given to a weird entity called The Silver Skull. In exchange, the Skull had told Sezrekan where to find The Balance Blade. The skull needed the familiar for a ritual that could restore him to true life.

The Silver Skull's lair was beneath the ruins of an ancient city some 4 days southwest of Gnatdamp.

They came upon a vast underground chamber with 13 coffins and many alcoves. Tomb shadows attacked the adventurers. The creatures couldn't be harmed by physical attacks. Napolean fended them off with a banish spell, that kept them at bay.

Faye opened the 13th coffin and found that is had a secret stairwell in it. It lead to a vast cavern with a river, a huge column, and a circle of skulls.

In the river was a hole to hell! Out of the pit came a few bizarre devils that were easily defeated.

The heroes had to cross the river. They took their time and crossed safely.

They came upon a chamber with two statues and a huge metal book on a pedestal. The adventurers destroyed the statues. The book, it turned out, could send the heroes to other planes. One page took them to a world where they were on an island in a vast sea. Sentient waves approached them. They quickly went home.

They turned another page, and appeared in the 417th layer of hell! A barbed devil had Cortiana pinned to a pentagram, preparing to sacrifice her. Bianca cast magic missile, launching a massive beam that obliterated the devil (doing 4d12+4 damage).

The heroes rescued Cortiana and took the Book of Planes for good measure.

22. Doom of the Savage Kings


Bianca - Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Jamal Colorado - Warrior
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric

Cortiana had been rescued from Hell. The adventurers returned home. They spent time and money rebuilding Eriodade's fortress the keep from the very first adventure - Sailors on the Starless Sea). They had decided to move in there.

After a few months spent healing and hiring dwarves for construction, they learned that Sezrekan had traded the Balance Blade to the Court of Chaos in exchange for powerful magic items. The adventurers decided that they were going to go steal back the Balance Blade. Lexaliah, agent of Law, aided the heroes. She sent their ship to the plane of Chaos. She told them that Tronicus and Katherine were both prisoners there.

They sailed the roiling blood sea to an island and headed to the prison island. They battled a blood serpent out by the entrance, and then entered the dungeon.

They came upon a room whose floor sloped sharply into a pit. Jamal decided to just jump in. He fell onto spikes. In the room beyond the spikes were chaos demons overseeing Tronicus's work. Poor Tronicus was dressed in rags, a chained collar on his neck. He was hammering away at an anvil, crafting weapons for the chaos demons.

Jamal cut the chain. Tronicus grabbed a weapon of his own making, and the pair fought the demons. Jamal was slain in the battle. But Tronicus survived! He traversed a tunnel and rejoined the heroes. He told them that Katherine was being held further in the dungeon.

Further exploration led to the discovery of a magic lion shield, and a demonskin cloak. Tomb ghouls attacked them. Once slain, ghoul snakes exploded from their bodies and attacked as well.

They came upon a room with a door.. upon some study, they saw that opening the door would cause the ceiling to collapse. They discovered a crawlspace near the ceiling.

They took off their armor and squeezed in, single-file. There was a secret opening which allowed a tomb ghoul to drop in and attack the last person in line. Bianca sent her snake down to choke and kill the ghoul.

They found Katherine, chained up, studying a bunch of artifacts from Earth circa 186: a TV, a newspaper, and a .357 magnum. The adventurers killed her hell hound guardian and freed her!

Tronicus and Katherine were not only alive, but they were back with the party! Katherine knew where the Balance Blade was - it was in another dimension. The Balance Blade was on the planet Earth!

23. Balance Blade 1986

8/25/14: We finally did an adventure in Earth 1986. It was awesome.

Bianca - Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Tronicus - Warrior

The adventurers sailed through a chaos storm to the main island - the home of the Court of Chaos. The giant-sized rulers of the court were in a heated discussion with an agent of their, who was communicating to them via a magic viewing portal hovering in the air. He looked like an asian wizard. His name Was Lo Ping.

Lo Ping assured the court that once enough souls had been sacrificed, the Court would be able travel to the world of Earth.

The adventurers rushed through the throngs of normal-sized beings that filled the island, racing to a portal to Earth. They cut down some chaos demons and jumped through...

They appeared in a subway tunnel. An 80's gang approached them. One pulled a switchblade. Another had a gun. The adventurers began murdering the gang, who turned and ran. The heroes chased them down, killed them, and took their wallets.

They followed the tunnel to a main area where there were stairs leading to a city street. it was 2 AM. A mysterious, dark-skinned man named Morgan Lawson sat on a bench. He warned the adventurers about the city, and how they'd stick out like a sore thumb in their clothes.

They headed back and took the dead gang's clothes. They hid their stuff as best they could. The mysterious man gave them the address of the heroes' old friend, Mitch Bailey.

Mitch had been sucked into the heroes world long ago, during the three-way wizard duel between Eriodade, Darjr and Al Hazred. He's lived in Gnatdamp until some old adventurers - Garnrock, Sam, Titus, Khymie and Jack - decided to go on a quest to find a portal home.

The heroes caught a cab driven by a friendly guy named Rocco. They went to Mitch Bailey's apartment. He was glad to see his old friends. He explained that Garnrock, Khymie and the others had ended up in prison. he explained that on the world of Earth, you can't run around killing people.

He further explained that the Court of Chaos had recruiting earthlings - a karate dojo! The guy running the dojo had the balance blade, and was killing homeless people. He was disrupting the balance between law and chaos on earth, which soon would allow the Court of Chaos to influence this world.

The heroes showered, ate pizza, watched TV and slept.

The next day, they headed to the dojo. They stopped and bought guns... lots of guns. Uzis, pistols, and Nano got himself a sniper rifle.

Two heroes made their way to the back entrance of the dojo. Others lurked outside. Nano took up a sniping position in the building on the other side of the street. He took aim and fired at a karate guy through the glass window of the karate dojo. He missed!

Panic ensued. Cars crashed in the street. People ran in all directions. The karate guys rushed out of the window and ended up surrounding Katherine and beating her to a pulp. The others started shooting them with spells and bullets.

The karate guys ran to their cars and tried to speed away. One car took off. The other two had their tires shot out. The heroes blew up the cars.

They heard sirens. They flipped open a manhole cover and dropped into the sewers. they lit a torch, and then realized that the torch was flaring up and would maybe cause an explosion due to "magic gas" (methane).

The heroes wandered the sewers for hours and hours in the dark. Eventually they got out and went back to Mitch's.

 Soon after, a swirling vortex appeared above a skyscraper. The wielder of the balance blade was sacrificing more homeless people and was almost able to bring through the Court of Chaos! Morgan Lawson joined the adventurers, warning them that the bad guys needed to be stopped.

The adventurers headed to the building and took the elevator up. They had an epic battle against some chaos demons, the karate sensei with the blade, and the evil asian sorcerer behind it all. Tronicus was cut down by the balance blade. Bianca and Katherine were both hit with magic missiles that knocked them out and nearly killed them.

The heroes fought back, and were able to defeat the villains. The ritual had been averted, the homeless had been saved.

Morgan Lawson thanked the heroes. Tronicus claimed the Balance Blade for his own. Morgan revealed that he was an agent of Law. The Scions of Law used their power through him to send the heroes home, with their ship.

24. Blades Against Death


Bianca - Wizard, clone of Katherine
Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Tronicus - Warrior

 The adventurers had returned from 1986 thanks to the magic of Morgan Lawson and Lexaliah, agent of Law. They spent a few months recovering from their wounds and finishing up the repair of their fortress. They also used the deck of fates to summon magical servants who would protect and maintain the fortress. Corti decided to bond 4 skeleton warriors to his mansion in Rakewight for protection.

During that time, Sezrekan threatened Corti not to meddle in his affairs (in retaliation for the heroes stealing the balance blade to the court, which Sezrekan had traded to them not long before).

Bianca was rejected by her patron, Dzzhali, member of the court of chaos. This was also in retaliation for Bianca's part in stealing the balance blade. Dzzhali even sent an undead groom to hang her. Bianca killed the groom.

Katherine was contacted by her patron, The One Who Watches. The One warned her that it had only one sanctuary remaining in the world, and that the android clerics were trying to find it.

Tronicus, wielder of the Balance Blade, was visited by Lexaliah. She promised him great rewards if he agreed to slay only chaotic beings with the balance blade. Tronicus did agree to this.

One day, Noohl appeared outside the fortress! In fact, he loomed over the fortress as he was around 80 feet tall. He had decided to personally come and take back the balance blade!

The adventurers launched ranged attacks on him. Corti staggered Noohl with a pair of force balls from force manipulation spells. Nano set up his sniper rifle and began sniping. Tronicus bravely ran onto a retaining wall and slashed at Noohl.

Noohl suddenly felt a strong pull to the west and abruptly abandoned his attack on the heroes to seek it out. The heroes weren't sure just what had happened, but the battle was at the very least postponed.

They received a message from their friend Emirikol, the wizard of Rakewight. He told them he'd found a way to bring a dead soul back to life. He told them to seek out the Witch of Saulim in Rakewight, and when it was all over to let him know how it played out.

The heroes had long mourned the death of their friend Citon. Now they had a chance to bring him back!

The heroes went to Rakewight and visited the Witch of Saulim. She did a cryptic fortune-telling, giving them clues to help them resurrect Citon. They figured out that first they had to steal a magic scythe from the Temple of the Moon. Then they'd have to find a "house of the dead" and break down a door to the realm of death.

The temple of the moon was a large black ziggurat full of worshipers of Mani, goddess of the moon (and a daughter of death). Every full moon, they did a ritual where a magic scythe was summoned, and as the month progressed the scythe became intangible and vanished. Then the ritual was done again, and the scythe was summoned once more.

The adventurers had to figure out a way to steal this scythe. They looked for secret entrances. They saw an entrance in the roof guarded by four eunuchs and an entryway at the base with 3 eunuch guards.

They plotted for a night, and returned the next evening, when the ritual would take place. They had obtained some cultist robes, and walked in with other cultists. To their surprise, the ritual was attended by almost 100 people!

The heroes did as the cultists did, touching holy oil to their head. They didn't know it at the time, but the magic in the oil would prevent the heroes from attacking many of the cultists!

They attended the ritual in disguise. A beautiful woman was tossed into a 150 foot deep pit. The scythe appeared in a priestesses' hand. There was lots of chanting. Then, the abbotess left and the whole thing was over. The adventurers had been unsure of how to proceed, and the moment slipped by.

As the cultists filtered out, the heroes tried to attack some eunuchs, but found that they couldn't due to the magic oil!

The adventurers left, exasperated.

The next night, they found a sewer tunnel that led inside the temple. There was a sewer shaft that went up 15 feet and ended in a grate which was in the floor of a basement temple room. The basement room had blood and guts in it - apparently remains of sacrificed victims. There were also 13 diseased plague rats.

Tronicus climbed up and opened the grate. He was bit on the hand by a rat and fell back down into the sewer. A few heroes climbed in, and the rats swarmed them. Bianca was overcome, and the heroes had no choice but to retreat! (The plague rats do a ton of damage... d3 per point that they hit by... I rolled two natural 20's!).

Bianca was dead. The heroes returned to the mansion to bandage their wounds and rethink their assault...


25. Temple of the Moon

9/8/14: We had to end early tonight. Hopefully we can finish this one next week!

Corti - Wizard
Indrikon - Elf
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Tronicus - Warrior

The adventurers slept. In the morning, the skeletons bound to the mansion made them a delicious breakfast. Emirikol sent them a hero to aid them... Indrikon the Elf. The adventurers were vexed by their difficulties in battling the temple of the moon and saddened by the death of Bianca, clone of Katherine. But they allowed the elf to join their ranks.

That night, they decided to make a third attempt to get into the temple of the moon to steal the magic scythe. They perched on a large grim reaper statue (the city of Rakewight is full of worshipers of death, and is full of skull and reaper statues and carvings).

Nano began to snipe the temple guards. The others fired off spells, crossbows and uzis. The eunuchs panicked, having no idea where the attacks were coming from.

The heroes rushed the front entrance, blowing away the eunuchs. They got inside, but were blocked by a portcullis. Corti cast a knock spell to open it. The adventurers then slipped into a side room that contained a lever that controlled the gate. They found a secret door.

The door led to an extravagent bedroom. In it was a shrine of the moon with a secret latch, Inside it was some treasure, along with the scythe! At last, the heroes had some luck.

They snatched up the scythe. Corti cast Invisibility, and the adventurers slipped out of the temple and into the night.

Now that they had the scythe - a magic weapon called the Argent Falx - they had to find the place that held the doorway to the realm of death. Indrikon was pretty sure he knew the place - it was a ruined charnel house where the bodies of the poor were once disposed of. It had been abandoned after a terrible incident occurred there years past...


26. The Charnel House

9/15/14: We had some new players jump in. To avoid having too many PCS, I had each player run a single character, except for the two clerics.

Corti - Wizard
Indrikon - Elf
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

 Over the past year, while our heroes were going on their many epic adventures, there was another band of adventurers in the city of Rakewight carving out a legacy of their own.

The group included Raoman Desturer the Wizard, Indrikon the Elf, Yoshi Hakimi the thief, Raelin Brunickel the Dwarf and Soldat Hamcheese the mighty warrior. Here is a brief overview of some of their many adventures (we rolled these out flashback-style):

The Shrine of Bloody Evil: Emirikol the Chaotic hired the adventurers to explore a shrine affiliated with his rival Nekros and his familiar, the invisible imp Elzemon.

As the adventurers battled Nekros' apprentice, Yoshi tried o swing over a boiling lake of blood to steal a magic ring. A stray blast from the battle cut the rope, and Yoshi fell into the lake.

Corruption took effect, turning Yoshi's ears into that of an elephant. Yoshi's hen, Harold, lost all of his feathers.

The Tunnels of Terrible Malice: Ilikan was face-to face with an owlbear! He stabbed at it with his spear, but it was to no effect. The owlbear swiped at him, leaveing a permanent swipe scar on his face. The others rushed and took out the owlbear.

The Palace of Mirrors: They traveled to the legendary City of Yetis and battled an evil yeti wizard called Burgul the Furless. Burgul had built a palace of mirrors. While exploring it, Roman watched as an evil double of himself stepped through ad leered at him. Roman somehow summoned a bunch of white bunnies and used them to sort of disguise himself as a yeti. The double, perturbed, wandered off.

Land of the Cruel Crystals: The heroes had gone to a nether-realm full of gem-creatures. Ilikon had befriended a gem woman named Lapis Lazuli. She suddenly turned on him, attacking! Ilikon killed her and claimed her magical Gemsword - it could communicate with gems and precious metals, and cause them to levitate!

The Gargoyle Duke's Lover: The adventurers were tansporting the lover to the duke in a flying tower. Enemies of the lover, android clerics of Gorhan, flew up to abduct her. Yoshi was on th eroof and tried to hold them off, but was hit in the torso with a laser. Yoshi was scarred and the lover was taken.

Lake of Poison Tears: The adventurers were in the underwater city of Ru, battling the Sea Queen (who had fled our other group of heroes in The Sea Queen Escapes). Roman tried to cast color swpray on her but the spell fizzled. As he batled her, her blood washed over him. He had been corrupted. Roman had goat legs.

These new heroes had returned from Ru, hailed as champions of the undersea kingdom. Emirikol's shadow familiar delivered a message to them to seek ou the heroes in their mansion.

And thus the two groups merged, all in the common interest of seeking out the realm of death.

It was explained that the Argent Falx had been retrieved - now all that was left was to find the gateway to death somewhere in the ruined charnel house on Ash Street.

In the alley on Ash street, there was a shrine to some lost god. Roman lit a candle and felt holy (he'd received a boon).

Moments later while descended some steps, Roman rescued a raven being dragged away by a rat. He placed the raven in a bowl in the shrine, and it began to glow..

In the Charnel House, they battled phantom hands emerging from sewage. Nano set the sewage on fire. Roman used Chill Touch to shatter the skeletal hands. Those in the grip of the hands felt themselves fading, but freed themselves before whatever was happening could take effect.

They came upon a ghostly scrivener who demanded teeth. Roman and Corti willingly gave them. The scrivener pulled a tooth out of each of them with his pliers. A fight eventually broke out and the scrivener was defeated. Roman kept the ghostly pliers.

Katherine and Corti were relieved that Yoshi was a thief - the thief would surely come in handy!

Yoshi crept into the next room, set fire to some corpses and causing a horde of soul beetles to wash past. The others entered the room and ended up battling a giant purple cloud.

They proceeded to a room where undead were having a banquet. Yoshi carefully stole a dark amulet off of a mummy's neck (the amulet protected the mummy from turn unholy). The mummy explained what was going on in the Charnel House:

Ratvik the Mad ran the house, and had made this court of corpses. He sought out a "queen" - a fishwife named Moira. He abducted her and burned her alive. When she perished, she became a vengeful undead spirit. She refused to move on to the afterlife, and actually blocked all spirits in the charnel house from moving on.

Ratvik died soon after and became undead, hiding in a room from Moira's ghost. The gate to the land of the dead was in a nearby hallway, blocked by a silver chain impervious to harm.. the only thing that could cut it was the Argent Falx.

The adventurers visited Ratvik. His little throne room was full of melted coins fused into a single mighty lump. Ratvik at first was lucid and pleasant, but he suddenly turned angry and attacked the adventurers with hovering weapons. Moira's spirit entered the room too, heating it up.

Katherine destroyed Ratvik with a massive magic missile (4d12+lvl damage!). Moira fled.

They tracked Moira down and were able to convince her to let go now that Ratvik was dead. The adventurers cut the chain and entered the realm of the dead...

In the misty realm, Death sat on his giant throne. His concubine Eris approached them. The Witch of Saulim was there somehow as well.

A deal was struck. If the heroes wanted to claim a soul from death's realm, they could play the witch in a card game. But the adventurers would have to put up a soul as well.

The adventurers had an extra moon card, but decided not to try to cheat with it. They played fair! Three games of Death's Trump were played:

Roman won the spirit of the raven. He heard Eris and Death quietly discussing it - something about "Carnifex".

Katherine stepped forward and played a game for Jamal Colorado! He was brought back to life!

Corti played for the soul of long-lost Citon... and lost! Cortiana (Corti's familiar, the miniature woman of extraordinary beauty) had graciously offered to put her soul on the line..

Death offered to let him double down. Corti put up Nano's soul as well. Corti won! Citon had returned!

The heroes fled Death's realm, and took the boat home to Gnatdamp. They'd survived the harrowing ordeal and looked forward to pending some time in their new fortress...

27. The Croaking Fane


Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

The heroes spent some time recuperating at the fortress near Gnatdamp. A serpentman from the nearby serpentfolk village came to discuss local happenings. Apparently, Noohl had killed the dragon o the west and snatched the Shadow PEarl! He offered to lead the heroes to it.

They made their way through the swamp and indeeded the dragon was dead. The heroes harvested organs and bones for the making of magic items. They spotted a weird temple in the shape of a toad and decided to check it out.

Inside was a temple devoted to Schaphigroadaz, an evil toad god. The heroes slowly explored, encountering all sorts of odd monsters and traps. They battled toadgoyles and a swarm of tadpoles that exploded out of a man's chest. Yoshi found a cool toad helmet made of plate mail.

They found stairs that lead to a dungeon level...

28. The Batrachians


Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Nano - Cleric... cat-person
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

 The heroes explored the lower dungeon. They battled some huge mummy toads with little difficulty. They came upon a toad-love room with a statue of a man and a female toad locked in an "unwholesome embrace". Yoshi found a vial of liquid in a secret compartment. He drank some of it. It was an aphrodisiac. Nanao raced down the hall for some alone time in a monk cell the heroes had found earlier. He'd be in there for an hour.

The heroes contuned to explore, and came upon a room with 30 giant toads croaking threateningly. Roman realized that he could use the aphrodisiac to distract the toads, which would allow the heroes to pass them by and continue to explore the dungeon.

But they needed to get the aphrodisiac from Nano, who was "occupied". Yoshi bravely lowered her toad-visor and stealthed into the cell and picked the pocket of Nano as he.. uh... you know.

Roman' plan worked perfectly. The aphrodisiac did distract the toads. They went down some stairs and battled vampiric bat-toads. They were making their way to a central chamber...


29. Circle of Sequestered Magicks


Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

The heroes came upon a vast chamber with a lake and a statue. In the lake were 10 dreaming toad/men. Yoshi crept over to the statue and tried to pry off some yellow gems. The toad men awoke and attacked!

It was a fierce battle, with a few heroes falling unconscious. Yoshi pried a gem free, and it caused a bolt of electricity to strike the lake and kill most who were in it. This defeated the toad-men.

Hurt bad, some of the heroes wanted to leave the croaking fane altogether. Nano (who was back to normal) and Roman wanted to explore a side-hall. They did so alone. They came upon a massive toad thing. With the aid of Roman's summoned monsters, the killed it. They looted its' mound of treasure.

The group headed up and tried to leave, but there was one final obstacle - a giant stone idol came to life. They killed it and escaped the temple.

They went home and rested for weeks. Then the heroes went with Emirikol the Chaotic to a meeting of the Circle of Sequestered Magicks. There, wizards traded spells and information. The heroes traded some magic items.

Hekanhodah, the leprous member of the Court of Chaos, sent an agent to COSM. The agent alerted the wizards that whoever could snatch the balance blade from Tronicus would receive a great reward from Hekanhoda. A massive battle broke out, with the heroes killing one wizard and putting two more to sleep. They even killed the invisible imp Elzemon and ran into Roman's evil double.


30. Slaughtergrid


Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

 A wizard from COSM visited the heroes' fortress and told them of a dungeon to the north. IT was called The Slaughtergrid. It was a dungeon built into the lower half of a giant stone woman. The entrance was in her nether-regions.

Inside it was said that there was great treasure. The entrance only opened for a few days each month.

The heroes made the four-day journey there. Along the way, they encountered evil green elves and cannibal halflings. They also battled an evil red unicorn known as a Monoceros" that impaled Napoleon on his horn and... ate Napoleon's genitals. Once the monoceros was slain, Napoleon replaced his loins with those of the monoceros, using his divine magic to attach the red member and a single, evil ball.

The heroes found and entered the Slaughtergrid. To their dismay, they found that the entrance sealed once they had passe through. They'd have to find another way out.

This dungeon had special magic. When a hero died, they were reborn in the ovum with a mutation!

The heroes battled a variety of weird creatures, like squirting mushrooms and an undead torturer. They had little trouble until Yoshi used a magic ring and accidentally killed Napoleon with a fireball! He was reborn in the ovum with an aversion to edged weapons.

The heroes found a ladder that lead to level 2 - The Bowels

31. The Bowels


Corti - Wizard
Katherine - Wizard
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

The heroes hacked their way through the bowels, battle ice-breathing orcs and grey cave goblins. Roman was able to trick 7 trap-making kobolds into believing he worked for their boss. They gave him directions to her lair - her name was "Jedda".

They also found a kitchen where a goblin and a gnoll were cooking spider and worm. Roman ordered them to cook a meal and they did. It was delicious.

Yoshi found a ring that let her hulk up and become super-muscled. She also continued to use her ring of fire, which ended up exploding when she used its' final charge. Both her pet chicken and Roman died in the explosion.

Roman was reborn in the ovum as a cannibal - he needed to eat meat every hour. The chicken was reborn with a snake lower half. Roman immediately ate the chicken. It was reborn again with the ability to spit acid. It was also a hemophiliac.

Jedda was a lady troll who was being oiled up by three nude male goblinoids. A battle took place, and Jedda was slain. Yoshi snatched her magic pendant and Ilikan took a 450 gold crown out of a jar of urine.

There was a bit more of level 2 to explore...

32. The Ovum

11/3/14: Gavin was not well so it was just three players tonight

Ilikan - Elf
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

The adventures descended into the second level of the Slaughtergrid. Roman sicced his giant armadillo on some gnolls, crushing them. The adventurers did battle with a band of kobolds in a room full of feces-tipped spears. Yoshi ran in almost alone, and ended up getting killed. She was reborn int he ovum, and now attracted flies.

Once the feces-spear room was dealt with, the adventurers came upon a cavern with some indigo gels. Roman sped off, ditching the party while they fought the oozes. He saw a vast lake of acid with an island that had a pile of treasure on it. He created a hovering force disk and floated to it.

The heroes killed off the oozes and caught up to roman. The treasure pile had been trapped, and the wizard had been paralyzed from it. The paralysis seemed uncureable (although it was realized later that the cleric, Napolean, could have cured it... though at this point his disapproval range was at 7!).

The heroes decided to kill Roman and to let him be reborn. Somewhere earlier in the dungeon, Yoshi's pet "transgender hen with no feathers" had died twice. It had been reborn with a serpent lower half, the ability to spit acid and a mouth in its' belly that spouted wisdom. The hen and Roman hadn't been getting along.

So the hen took it upon itself to burrow into Roman's body, killing him.

Roman was reborn in the ovum with giant bat wings on his back. He now had the power of flight! He passed by the many other monsters the heroes had killed - they regarded him with fear.

33. The Belly

11/10/14: We finished up the Slaughtergrid tonight!

Ilikan - Elf
Napolean - Cleric
Roman Destur - Wizard
Tronicus - Warrior
Yoshi Hakimi - Thief

Roman rejoined the party. They crossed the lake courtesy of a floating disc summoned by Illikan. They avoided acid geysers shooting out of the lake, and continued their exploration of the dungeon.

There was a room with a violet mucus, whose spray caused dementia - those afflicted attacked the nearest ally! The group battled one another. Tronicus with the balance blade was a truly mighty foe. He was slain, and was reborn in the ovum with the powers of lightning and blue skin.

They came upon a room with white goo on the floor. It was ruled by a hideous mutated woman called Kaiva Greynail, who was worshiped by cave goblins as a god. Ilikan took her down with force manipulation, and the cave goblins surrendered. Yoshi "kept" two of them as servants.

Yoshi claimed Kaiva's sword, "Luna" - a crimson short sword. Illikan took Kaiva's ring, which could create a protective field.

They found an entrance to the third and lowest level of the Slaughtergrid.

Down there, they came upon a hallway with two polyps mounted on the wall. The polyps could talk. If you pass by them, a curse kicks in which causes a random organ to explode out of your skin. Both goblins died from this. Yoshi walked by them, and her liver burst out of her. Roman had been cursed by the ovum to crave meat every hour, and couldn't resist chowing down on the fresh organ. Yoshi died, and was reborn with the ability to see through illusions.

The goblins destroyed the polyps before they died. The group traveled further and encountered a pseudo-otyugh magically disguised as a lawful cleric woman in need of help. The group figured it out and killed her.

They came upon a vast lake and discovered a statue that turned metal to gold (and vice versa). Tronicus' rusty plate became solid gold.

They also came upon a shrunken village with 23 inch-high villagers. Illikan theorized he could cast enlarge to make them normal-sized. Yoshi wanted to "keep" on tiny dwarf and enlarge one pretty farmgirl. The farmgirl was enlarged. Her name was Ludmila.

While this was going on, Roman the cannibal ate a tiny dwarf. The group wasw mortified.

They finally came upon the Progenitor - a hideous genital monster. It wanted them to swear the Bowel Oath, which would make them loyal to it and force them to go on a quest to kill the head druid of the church of Ildavir (Napoleon's deity). A battle on a ziggurat took place. Tronicus and Yoshi were nearly crushed by the beast, but Harold killed the monster with a blast of acid.

The heroes had found the key to the exit, and they left the Slaughtergrid for good. They emerged into the forest and began the four-day journey home.

Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut

34. Short Version: The First session involved me using some material from Expedition to the Barrier Peaks for my android cleric villains. Then the heroes went to the hut to deal with an evil double of a PC. They explored a bit, encountered a medusa, and we stopped when the PCs ran into Baba Yaga herself in the audience hall.

35. Short Version: Session 2 allowed the PCs explore the hut some more, battling copies of the double (made by the magic pool in one of the final rooms of the dungeon). They got to the room I was most excited about - the museum with the soviet tank. A double was in the tank and opened fire. It was awesome. The store we were playing in was so loud that we ended this session early.

36. Short Version: They fought a DCC RPG hydra, which was very deadly. I handed out treasure from the Pathfinder Reign of Winter path, which is awesome and all about Baba Yaga. There was a lot of hijinks with a cursed berserking sword. A PC ended up flying into a rift into the astral plane, with the sword, perhaps never to be seen again. They battled the double and won...

36. The heroes were given possession of Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut, with a mission - Kill Noohl of the Court of Chaos. Baba Yaga did not say why she wanted Noohl dead.

She showed Bogus how to use the hut. She reconfigured the hut so the interior was a simple palace with fountains of water and wine. She took all of her servants with her, including Natasha the dark and Elsa the Fair. Only Vladmir the cat was left with the heroes.

The heroes returned to their fortress at home and rested for a month while Katherine built a statue that would allow her to use the Book of Planes to travel to the realm of the Court of Chaos.

Then the heroes traveled to the plane that the court resided on. It was a massive sea of blood, dotted with islands. Each member of the court had their own island.

They traveled to Hekanhodah's isle first and explored it from inside the hut. It was full of work camps and geysers that shot corruption gas. There was a long line of mortals that lead to Hekanhodah's tower, where he judged traitors and liars.

The heroes grabbed a hunchback dwarf demon guard and pumped him for information. First, to get him to talk, they forced his face in a corruption geyser giving him pustules and horns - but he still wouldn't talk.

They had better success by offering a hug from Raelin, the beautiful dwarf. He explained everything about the island and got the PCs in a side door to Hekanhoda's tower. Katherine felt that the best way to go about this was to kill Hekanhoda and steal his items.

The fight was brief. Hekanhoda quickly dropped three of the heroes with a huge magic missile spell. Bogus tried to parley. Hekanhoda spotted the Balance Blade that Tronicus wielded and demanded that he hand it over.

Tronicus' Balance Blade had been charged with the power of law for quite a while. He knew that the next time he plunged it into the ground, it would transform a mile-radius section of land into that of Law.

He cut off Hekanhoda's hand with the balance blade! Hekanhoda was overcome by the energy of law, shivering as he glowed with golden light. All of his corruption went away. He became a weak, ancient old man in a coma.

The island erupted into anarchy. Dwarf guards fled. Prisoners revolted. the heroes looted Hekanhoda's artifacts - a book full of spells and the Staff of Ekim (+6 to spellchecks!).

The heroes healed and gathered in the hut. They rested for a few hours, when agents of Magog showed up. Magog's spectral form appeared and demanded the balance blade. Lexaliah, agent of law, spoke through the sword and begged him not to hand the sword over. Tronicus refused. Magog faded away.

Somewhere around this point, during the debate Bogus discussed options, and pointed out there were only a few things that the bad guys wanted, and one of them was Katherine. Katherine was offended at the notion of handing her over to the court, and fired off a magic missile spell with the Staff of Ekim that nearly killed Bogus in a single shot. Tensions flared. Bogus plotted his revenge.

They didn't know it, but Magog informed Noohl where the heroes were and what their plans were. A few hours later, Noohl's fleet was closing in on the island. A flock of Chaos crows could be heard cawing.

Katherine decided to go outside to negotiate with the horde. Bogus immediately plane shifted the hut away, stranding Katherine on the island, alone! Bogus was obviously not thrilled at being hit with the magic missile, and this was his revenge.

Katherine, alone against Noohl's army, fought valiantly, but was hurt badly. Katherine surrendered, and offered to help Noohl hunt down the heroes and get the balance blade.

The rest of the party returned to the fortress. Dorota begged the heroes to find Roman. As far as they knew, Roman was still roaming the astral sea wielding a cursed berserking sword.

The stage was set for a final battle for possession of the balance blade.

37. The Finale

Originally I thought a nice way to end it is to have Katherine lead an army against the other PCs in a final war like what is going on in the Knights of the Dinner Table comic. But during the week I talked to some of the players, and they weren't into that idea at all. They wanted to just take Baba Yaga's hut and roam the planes, and leave the evil PC behind for good.

So I switched it up and basically ran two adventures tonight. One determined the fate of the balance blade, and the other determined the fate of the evil PC.

The heroes with the balance blade took baba yaga's hut to the astral sea to search for the PC who had the cursed berserking sword. It turned out he'd been snatched up by an "eldritch dragon" and was in the dragon's weird lair ripped off from the "Dragon's Graveyard" episode of the dungeons and dragons cartoon.

The dungeon the dragon lived in had traps that gave you corruption. The dragon is studying the correlation between corruption and wild magic (I love the wild magic table in the AD&D 2nd edition Tome of Magic).

Magic in this place is more potent, and any use of magic caused a wild surge.

Our heroes freed the PC and fought the dragon, who unleashed its' breath weapon which caused many wild surges that spread the radius, opened portals to other planes, splintered off into a lightning bolt, changed a guy's gender, and all sorts of other crazy effects.

The heroes killed the dragon and saved their friend. An agent of law, also a prisoner there, decided that the heroes were not worthy of the balance blade. Only one member of the party is lawful, after all. He demanded the blade. They cut off his arm, then his head. They took the hut to an island to spend the rest of their days, hiding out from the Scions of law.

I would cut back between that scenario and what was going on with Katherine.

Katherine rode with Noohl's chaos army. I meant this to be a test of just how evil she was. I was going to give him a bunch of situations like this:

- You see the town leader surrounded by monsters, being cut down, what do you do?
- You see the town's retired hero being overrun, what do you do?
- You see the goofy little kid NPC who always picks his nose (his name is Booger Neil), what do you do?

I wanted to see if Katherine would ask them to take some of the favored NPCs prisoner.

Instead, before I even got to that scenario, Katrherine was scanning the town for Booger Neil. When she found him, he killed him with a magic missile.

The town was overrun. A few captives were taken, to be used to force the PCs to hand over the Balance Blade.

Then, though, the bad guys took the heroes' fortress and headed into the basement dungeon. This is the evil PCs' lair, where he is building a dungeon for his patron, The One Who Watches From Below. Katherine suddenly got nervous. She didn't want them killing her weird little halfling monsters.

Suddenly, a mighty alien ship appeared over the fortress. The cleric of Gorhan had come to kill the evil PC for good. Lasers rained down on the fortress, killing most of Noohl's army. Androids wearing anti-grav belts dropped from hatches to hack into the rest.

Katherine turned into a laser harpy and flew into the ship. She hacked her way past androids, turned back into her mortal form, had a bunch of misadventures, but in the end deactivated a force field, blew up the ship's core, and escaped in a pod.

The One Who Watches guided her to his sanctum in a stretch of barren land.

That's how it ended. Katherine now serves The One Who Watches, and the heroes are on a tropical island somewhere with the balance blade.