Dungeon Crawl Classics

Adventures in the Realm of Aereth


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                        Volume I. The Spell-Crypts of Thurfang Bormaug

0. Golila's Dreams - We make characters and have a few fights
1. The Portal Under the Stars - Free RPG day
2. The Mist-Shrouded Skull Tower - The quest begins
3. Golila the Mazarine - The blue witch meets the heroes
4. Legion Hall - Home of the dwarves
5. Tomb of Aethering the Damned - Bizarre statues
6. Aethering's Mummy - The soul crystal
7. Lord of Entropy - Ssendam gets hit in the brain
8. The Orange Spell-Crypt - Flail Snail
9. Thurfang Bormaug - The Final Battle against the lich

                                  Volume II. The Chaotic Overworld

1. Sailors on the Starless Sea
2. The Old God's Return
3. Intrigue at the Court of Chaos